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Human Health and Nutrition

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  • Improving Diets of Vulnerable Populations, A five-year long project is to be undertaken by the IAEA to improve the diet, nutritional status and ultimately the health of vulnerable populations. The project will assess the impact of children and women's health when more nutritious food is produced and eaten, 21 July 2014 [.mp3]
  • Childhood Malnutrition in Morocco, Dr. Abdelwahab Zerrari, Vice President, Aviesaine, discusses travails and triumphs his association encountered in their campaign to reduce childhood malnutrition in Morocco (in French), 11 October 2013 [.mp3]
  • Nuclear Science and Childhood Malnutrition, Alan Jackson, Convenor, International Malnutrition Task Force [.mp3]
  • Nuclear Science and Body Composition, Chittaranjan Yajnik, Director, Diabetes Unit, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Pune, India [.mp3]

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