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Food Security

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Food For the Future

The High Andes of Peru, the busy streets of Jakarta and the dusty Cameroon bush - all very different places, in diverse parts of the world, with one thing in common: the people here are all benefiting from nuclear science and the support of the IAEA to produce and protect food and make it safer, 18 September 2012. More →

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IAEA Helps Zanzibar to Improve Rice Varieties

Ingredients of Good Nutrition

Food for the Future

Plant Breeding

Plant breeding stories




The Rice is Right

In Zanzibar farmers are growing a new variety of rice that was created using nuclear technology. The rice variety has a higher yield than other varieties and is proving to be really popular in the tropical island, 10 July 2014:

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Ask the Experts: Irradiation for Preservation

Alongside traditional methods of preservation and processing, the technology of food irradiation is gaining attention around the world. Food irradiation can prevent food spoilage and slow down ripening in fruits and vegetables, 21 February 2014:

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Halting the Spread of UG99

UG99 is a deadly disease affecting wheat and is spreading rapidly throughout the world. The IAEA is releasing resistant wheat varieties as well as providing training in mutation techniques to countries for combating its spread, 31 January 2014:

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Food for the Future - Meeting Challenges with Nuclear Applications
Statement to 2012 Scientific Forum, 18 September 2012.

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Better Crops To Feed Millions
The IAEA is working with seven Arab countries in Asia to improve the yield and resilience of wheat and barley, 19 September 2012.

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IAEA and FAO Honour Achievements in Radiation-Supported Plant Breeding

24 September 2014 | Awards honouring teams of scientists who have helped increase food security by using radiation to breed better crop varieties were presented today by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano. More →

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