Future Directions

Good nutrition is vital to good health and a sustainable future. To achieve the goal set by the World Food Summit to halve hunger and malnutrition by 2015, effective programmes and a sustained commitment by governments, non-governmental and international organizations, and the private sector will be required. Nuclear science is being used by more and more countries to evaluate the effectiveness of nutritional interventions and can help guide the development of sound nutritional policy. For its part, the IAEA will continue to support innovative uses of nuclear techniques, in areas where they have been proven successful — alleviating micronutrient deficiencies, managing energy intake, and assessing nutritional interactions with pollution and infection — and beyond.

— Investigate nutritional and other factors that contribute to poor development
    of the foetus.

— Assess the impact of ageing on energy and nutrient metabolism.

— Study calcium metabolism in the elderly and its effect on osteoporosis.