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Cross-Cutting Issues at the IAEA

Mechanisms in Place for Closer Coordination and Collaboration

Staff Report

4 June 2004

Many IAEA activities cut across more than one programmatic area, either because of the structure adopted for the Agency’s programme or because of the nature of the issues to be addressed by these activities.

Mechanisms for the required co-ordination and collaboration in planning and implementing activities in the cross-cutting areas have been established, with a clear definition of the roles, responsibilities and accountability of all staff involved. The responsibility for co-ordination in each cross-cutting area has been assigned to a staff member with recognized competence in the field. The co-ordinator, together with the managers and staff in different organizational units, defines, during the planning phase, the outcomes to be achieved, the work plan and the activities necessary for the delivery of outputs, and optimum ways and means of implementation. The mechanism also ensures monitoring of the work in progress according to the agreed work plan, and the adoption of corrective measures wherever necessary.

The assessment of the crosscutting activities will be carried out for quality and timeliness of delivery of the outputs and achievements of outcomes, periodically and at the end of the biennium. This will result in improved planning and implementation of the activities, efficient use of resources, and an effective delivery of products and services to Member States.

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