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History of the Laboratory

Permanent Facilities On The Port Of Monaco

The laboratory was established in 1961. It was then called the International Laboratory of Marine Radioactivity and was hosted by the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. It started activities with a staff of 6 scientists and 6 technical and secretarial staff. In 1986 the Monaco Laboratory became a Division within the Department of Research and Isotopes (currently Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications) of the IAEA, with its own programme and budget. In 1988 the laboratory was moved to new temporary premises in the Stade Louis II and Aigue Marine. The definitive premises on the Port Hercule were innaugurated in 1998, considerably expanding and enhancing the quality of laboratory space. In 1991 the name of the laboratory was changed to its present one: The Marine Environment Laboratory, which much more appropriately reflects the laboratory's raison d'etre. Currently the laboratory operates with a staff of 13 scientists and around 30 technical and support staff, typically hosting 6-8 post-graduate students and many fellows.

Temporary Facilities In The Louis II Football Stadium
Laboratory Established in the Oceanographic Museum