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Our Laboratories


IAEA-Environment Laboratories\'s underground laboratory hosts state-of-the art low-level counting facilities

The Radiometrics Laboratory is an internationally recognised centre for the study of the oceans by using radionuclides as environmental tracers, in collaboration with leading research centres around the world


The work of the Radioecology Lab supports Developing MS in the sustainable development of their coastal zones

The Radioecology Laboratory Recent activities have focussed contaminants in seafoods and the use of radiotracers to characterise their biokinetics in edible tissues and the bioaccessibility of such contaminants to human consumers

Marine Environmental Studies

MESL - Marine Environmental Studies Laboratory

The Marine Environmental Studies Laboratory is the laboratory devoted to studies involving non-nuclear pollutants and lipid biomarkers. The analytical capabilities of MESL cover isotopic and elemental analysis of trace elements

Terrestrial Environment

TEL - Terrestrial Environment Laboratory

The Terrestrial Environment Laboratory supports Member State to enhance: quality of analytical measurement, capabilities for evaluating radionuclide migration geochemical and biochemical enrichment and radiation effects

Quality Support to Member States

NAEL-Director OSBORN David NAEL-Director OSBORN David