The Chernobyl accident: Updating of INSAG-1. INSAG-7

Since the 1986 Vienna Conference, a considerable amount of additional analytical work has been carried out by expert groups throughout the world on the causes of the Chernobyl accident. Many of the results have been published. Other information has also come to light, some of it contradictory. Most important among the sources of this information are reports by two Soviet committees chaired by N.A. Shteynberg and A.A. Abagyan respectively. These two reports, translated into English by the IAEA, are reproduced as Annexes I and II to this document since they are not generally available. All this has added to the knowledge that was available to the authors of INSAG-1 at the time of the report's preparation. The present publication updates that part of the INSAG-1 report that concentrated on the causes of the accident. Refs, figs and tabs.


International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria).; IAEA.; Vienna (Austria).


chernobylsk-4 reactor; containment; control elements; design; human factors; iaea; international cooperation; primary coolant circuits; reactor accidents; reactor cores; reactor operators; safety analysis; scram rods; specifications; accidents; cooling systems; cooperation; enriched uranium reactors; graphite moderated reactors; international organizations; lwgr type reactors; personnel; power reactors; reactivity coefficients; reactor components; reactor cooling systems; reactors; thermal reactors

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Power Reactors, Non-Breeding, Graphite-Moderated (GCR, AGR, HTGR, etc., Types)


Book; 1992.; 135 p.

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