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December 19, 2012

IAEA in the News

Fukushima conference wraps up on positive note International nuclear experts want to learn lessons from the Fukushima disaster but there is still a long way to safety. Deutsche Welle

Iran defiant on enrichment ahead of possible nuclear talks Iran will not stop higher-grade uranium enrichment in response to external demands, its top nuclear energy official was quoted as saying on Tuesday, signaling a tough bargaining stance ahead of planned new talks with world powers. Reuters / Voice of Russia / PressTV

‘Iran-IAEA agreement would show political nature of West’s dispute with Iran’ The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that a possible agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would illustrate the political nature of certain world powers’ dispute with Iran over its nuclear program. Tehran Times

Iran’s Ahmadinejad says Western oil, banking sanctions will not stop Tehran’s nuclear push Iran’s president said Tuesday that Western sanctions could at the most cause a “quick tap on the brakes” in Tehran’s nuclear program but will not slow it down substantially, state TV reported. AP

Spokesman: Iran in Pursuit of All-inclusive Agreement with IAEA Iran announced on Tuesday it will remove all concerns of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), if Tehran and the UN nuclear watchdog work out an all-inclusive agreement which recognizes Iran’s nuclear rights for the development of the country and peaceful purposes. Fars

Other Nuclear News

Nuclear is Europe’s answer to meeting aggressive climate targets, says new report A new analysis from Frost & Sullivan European Nuclear Power Sector, finds that nuclear energy is the answer to meeting aggressive EU targets on carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuels. Nuclear Engineering International

Bulgaria’s Nuclear Plant Referendum to Cost BGN 14 M The holding of a referendum on the future of the construction of a second nuclear power plant in Bulgaria in January 2013 will cost BGN 13.8 M, according to the government report. Sofia News Agency

US slaps Japan company on LA nuke plant work Federal inspectors have identified new questions related to California’s troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant. AP

Opinion and Analysis

IAEA running out of excuses for not normalizing Iran N-case: Expert Press TV

Come January, Another Try on Nuclear Waste New York Times

Radioactive Decay Foreign Policy