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The objective of the DPR is to present a general overview of international, English-language, media coverage of the IAEA and nuclear issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The following articles are obtained from external news sources for whose content the IAEA takes no responsibility.

November 6, 2012

IAEA in the News

UN nuclear chief: Iran not cooperating with probe of suspected secret work on nuclear weapons The U.N. nuclear chief said Monday that Iran is not cooperating with an investigation into suspected secret work on nuclear weapons. AP / AFP / AAP

Iran slams IAEA report on nuclear energy program Mohammad Khazaei on Monday stressed Iran’s inalienable right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and called on the IAEA to observe the principle of impartiality and professional conduct. Press TV / FNA

N. Korea threatens war on Korean Peninsula at the U.N. session A North Korean diplomat, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, warned Monday that a war can break out any time on the Korean Peninsula due to mounting military tensions. Yonhap

SA signs agreement on sharing nuclear knowledge South Africa is key to passing on knowledge in nuclear technology to the rest of Africa, International Atomic Energy Agency deputy director-general Kwaku Aning said on Monday, noting that the country would be pivotal in enabling African countries to develop nuclear power programmes. Business Live

Russia calls to improve IAEA control over nuclear security Russia values highly the role, which the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is playing in ensuring the non-proliferation regime, but calls for the improvement of the mechanisms of control over its fulfilment,” Russian Permanent Representative in the UN Vitaly Churkin said at a session of the UN General Assembly, which is devoted to the IAEA activities. Itar-Tass

IAEA work is important for improving int’l nuclear safety: Chinese UN The work of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is of great importance in improving international nuclear safety and restoring confidence of the international community in nuclear power development, a Chinese UN envoy said Monday. Xinhua

US Blockade Affects IAEA Actions in Cuba Cuba denounced that the blockade imposed by the US government against Cuba affects the activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Caribbean island. Prensa Latina

Other Nuclear News

Israel and Iran hold ‘positive’ nuclear talks in Brussels Israeli and Iranian officials are taking part in a nuclear non-proliferation meeting in Brussels on Monday, in the hope of paving the way for a full international conference in the next few months on banning nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East. Guardian

Israeli security chiefs opposed Netanyahu order for Iran pre-attack alert, TV show reports Israel’s prime minister ordered the military to go on high alert for a looming attack on Iran’s nuclear program two years ago, but backed off following strong objections from senior security officials, a respected Israeli news program reported Monday. AP / FT

Iran Nuclear-Weapons Bid Might Trigger Arms Race, Cameron Says U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron warned that an Iranian development of nuclear weapons might “trigger a nuclear arms race” across the Middle East. Bloomberg

Awkward impasse looms over Canada-India nuclear talks Canadian and Indian negotiators are scrambling to clear a diplomatic logjam over resuming trade in nuclear materials and technology before Stephen Harper meets with counterpart Manmohan Singh early this week in New Delhi. Globe and Mail

Belarusian nuclear station safety ‘a national priority’ Implementing the national nuclear power engineering program, Belarus pays attention to ensuring nuclear and radiation safety. In view of this the safety and security of the future nuclear power plant is a national priority. BelTA

Opinion and Analysis

Iran nuclear fuel move may ease war fears – for now Reuters

India will be an important market for nuclear new-build Power Engineering