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October 12, 2012

Nuclear News

Iran still ‘good way away’ from nuclear weapon: Biden Iran is still “a good way away” from acquiring a nuclear weapon, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday, insisting the United States would stop Tehran before it was too late. AFP

Ryan: Iran ‘four years closer to a nuclear weapon’ As part of an opening foray into foreign policy, Ryan criticized the Obama administration’s failure to head off Iran’s nuclear program. WP

UN chief backs Mideast nuclear conference UN leader Ban Ki-moon threw his support Thursday behind a conference aimed at creating a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, urging all countries in the region to attend it. AFP

Japan nuke chief hints no restarts until next year The head of Japan’s new nuclear regulatory agency says reactors will not be allowed to restart until they pass seismic inspections and meet safety standards to be instituted next year. AP

Japan’s new nuclear safety standards to include steps against terrorist acts The Nuclear Regulation Authority said Wednesday it plans to ask utilities to take measures to protect the nation’s atomic power plants against catastrophic damage from terrorist attacks as it moves to craft new safety standards for reactors. Kyodo

TEPCO starts study inside No. 1 reactor at Fukushima plant Tokyo Electric Power Co. started its first full-scale survey of conditions inside the containment vessel of the most heavily damaged reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. Asahi Shimbun / Kyodo

Rice shipments resume from Fukushima town once designated evacuation zone Shipments of rice grown in this nuclear disaster-hit town resumed on Oct. 9, becoming the nation’s first such shipments from a municipality once designated as an evacuation zone. Mainichi

Nuclear talks with Australia likely next week India and Australia are expected to start talks on civil nuclear cooperation during the 15-17 October visit of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to India, people close to the development said on Thursday, a move that could boost ties between the two countries. Live Mint

Sweden to analyse nuclear plant security after Greenpeace breach Sweden needs to “further analyze” security measures at its nuclear power plants, the country’s Environment Minister Lena Ek said Wednesday, a day after members of environment pressure group Greenpeace breached security fences at two Swedish nuclear plants. dpa / Bloomberg

UAE may join Turkey nuclear power plant project: Turkey nuclear plant project The UAE could join a project to build Turkey’s second nuclear power plant if South Korea is involved, Turkey’s energy minister said Thursday. AFP

US to Continue Talks with Russia on Nunn-Lugar Program The United States is interested in continuing talks with Russia on a US-funded Russian armaments disposal program, known as the Nunn-Lugar program, US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Thursday. RIA Novosti

Nuclear Engineering: Russia-Ukraine nuclear fuel plant begins construction A joint Russian-Uranium fuel fabrication plant started construction on Oct. 4 in Smolino village, Kirovograd district, Ukraine. Kyiv Post

Russia to Salvage Sunken Nuclear Subs – Media The Russian Defense Ministry is planning to raise and scrap two sunken nuclear submarines in the northern Barents and Kara seas in order to prevent potential radioactive pollution of the area, the Izvestia newspaper said on Thursday. RIA Novosti

Nuclear decommissioning at ‘E Fermi’ power plant underway State-run Sogin announced today that decommissioning at the Trino Vercellese-based ‘Enrico Fermi’ nuclear power plant is underway. AGI

Niger warns Areva on uranium mine delays Niger warned French nuclear giant Areva on Thursday against any further delays to its Imouraren uranium mining project, saying it could not support a company that is unable to meet its commitments. Reuters

Archives to recount JFK’s Cuban missile crisis Fifty years after the Cuban missile crisis, the National Archives has pulled together documents and secret White House recordings to show the public how President John F. Kennedy deliberated with advisers to avert nuclear war. AP

Opinion and Analysis

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