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August 22, 2012

IAEA in the News

U.N. atomic watchdog in new bid to unblock Iran probe The U.N. nuclear watchdog will try to persuade Iran to address questions about its suspected nuclear weapons research at a meeting on Friday, more than two months after previous talks ended in failure. Reuters / AP

IAEA: Fukushima slowed nuke growth The Fukushima Daiichi disaster slowed but didn’t reverse the expansion of nuclear power in 2011, the International Atomic Energy Agency said in Vienna. UPI

Other Nuclear News

Progress Is Cited on New Reactor in North Korea While the region’s attention has remained focused on whether the new North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, can consolidate his power, his country has been making significant progress in the construction of a new reactor widely seen as a cover for making more fuel for nuclear weapons, analysts say, citing satellite imagery of the building site. NYT / AFP

Japan Weighs End to Nuclear Power The Japanese government is likely to decide to eliminate all nuclear power over the next two decades in a new long-term energy plan that comes amid strong public opposition to atomic energy and ahead of national elections expected in the next few months, said government officials familiar with policy discussions. WSJ

Record radiation in fish off Japan nuclear plant A pair of greenlings have shown the highest level of radioactive caesium detected in fish and shellfish caught in waters off Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, its operator said Tuesday. Bangkok Post

Thyroid cancer risk persists decades after Japan atomic bombs: study People who survived the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as children continue to have a higher-than-normal risk of thyroid cancer more than 50 years after radiation exposure, according to a U.S. study. Reuters

Sri Lanka installs nuclear accident early warning detectors The Sri Lankan government has installed five detectors across the island as part of an early warning system to detect a nuclear disaster in the event of a nuclear accident and alert the public. Colombo Page

India not to give up nuclear arms till universal disarmament Making it clear it will not give up nuclear arms until universal disarmament is achieved, India on Tuesday said the weapons had ended attempts by global powers to blackmail it to toe a particular line. PTI

Hanford double-shell tank may have interior leak Radioactive material has been found between the inner and outer walls of an underground double-shell tank at Hanford for the first time. Tri-City Herald / Seattle Times

Nuke reactor malfunctions, shuts down at power plant A nuclear reactor at one of South Korea’s nuclear power plants automatically shut down Sunday after its reactor protection system gave warning signals, plant operators said. Yonhap

‘Untested’ nuclear reactors may be used to burn up plutonium waste An ambitious plan to rid Britain of its civil plutonium stockpile – the biggest in the world – has come a step closer with the submission of a feasibility study for building revolutionary nuclear reactors to “burn” the waste at Sellafield in Cumbria. Independent

Flaxseed may help protect against radiation effects Flaxseed, a cheap and safe food item known to be rich in fiber and antioxidants, can also help protect against the damaging effects of radiation, a new study has found. PakTribune

Tours planned for Hartlepool nuclear power station Energy bosses have unveiled plans to give the public access to part of Hartlepool’s nuclear power station. BBC

Opinion and Analysis

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