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August 16, 2012

IAEA in the News

UN atom agency sees “significant” nuclear safety progress Important progress has been made towards strengthening global nuclear safety after Japan’s Fukushima accident last year, according to the United Nations atomic watchdog. Reuters

Other Nuclear News

Iraq ready to host next Iran-P5 +1 talks: Ambassador Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran Mohammed Majeed al-Sheikh says Baghdad is ready to host the next round of multifaceted talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany. Press TV

Israel hasn’t decided on Iran strike: Pentagon The United States does not believe Israel has made a decision on whether to attack Iran over its nuclear program, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Tuesday, following sharp rhetoric from Israeli officials that has put financial markets on edge. Reuters

U.S. Iran Sanctions Threaten Ties With Russia – Official Relations between the United States and Russia may suffer as a result of new, wide-ranging U.S. sanctions introduced against Iran, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said on Monday. RIA Novosti

Germany arrests 4 men on suspicion they supplied Iran with parts to build nuclear reactor German prosecutors say they have arrested one German man and three German-Iranian dual nationals on suspicion they supplied Iran with parts needed to build a nuclear reactor in violation of the country’s trade embargo on such items. AP

Japan, N. Korea to hold talks this month: Tokyo Japan and North Korea will this month hold their first face-to-face talks in four years, Tokyo said Tuesday, in one of the most significant diplomatic forays for Kim Jong-Un since he became leader last year. AFP

N.Korea may complete reactor next year: think tank North Korea may finish work by late 2013 on a light-water reactor that could be used to support its nuclear weapons program, a US think tank said Tuesday. AFP / Yonhap / Korea Herald

Another evacuation order lifted Thousands of Naraha residents can return to homes and businesses during daylight hours now that the Fukushima municipality’s evacuation order has been lifted. WNN

A lot went wrong at Y-12; NNSA says cameras didn’t work, guards didn’t respond A slew of things went wrong for Y-12 security in the early hours of July 28. Knoxville News

Nuclear operations resume at Y-12 under greater federal oversight After a two-week “stand down,” nuclear operations resumed Wednesday at the Y-12 National Security Complex. Oak Ridge Today

Pakistani Air Force Base With Nuclear Ties Is Attacked Suspected Islamist militants attacked a major Pakistani Air Force base where some of the country’s nuclear weapons are thought to be stored in the early hours of Thursday, setting off an exchange of fire that lasted several hours. NYT / WP / Telegraph

UAE announces $3bn in nuclear fuel deals The United Arab Emirates said Wednesday it had selected six companies to supply fuel to its four planned nuclear reactors in deals worth an estimated $3 billion (2.43 billion euros). AFP / AP / WNN

Ukrainians Want to Return to Chernobyl A group of Ukrainians have written a letter to the country’s prime minister seeking permission to return to their hometown of Chernobyl – the scene of the world’s deadliest nuclear accident, the Ukrainian daily Sehodnya reported on Monday. RIA Novosti

Opinion and Analysis

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