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July 9, 2012

IAEA in the News

Nuclear accident scale criticised Classing Fukushima as serious an incident as Chernobyl shows the international scale for nuclear accidents is “not up to the job” for warning the public over such disasters, MPs have said. …It called for the International Atomic Energy Agency to review the international nuclear and radiological event scale to show orders of magnitude and make it understandable to the public. UKPA

Nuclear News

Permanent end to uranium enrichment out of question: Iran MP An Iranian lawmaker says permanently halting 20-percent uranium enrichment is in no way acceptable for Iran but temporary suspension can be taken under advisement. Press TV

Nuclear states shun ASEAN treaty Nuclear weapons states will not sign the protocol of the Southeast Asian Nuclear Weapons Free Zone treaty (SEANWFZ) at this week’s ASEAN meeting as many of them still have reservations, Foreign Minister Surapong Towichukchaikul said Sunday. Jakarta Post / Xinhua

Japan reactor back to full power after nuke shutdown A nuclear reactor in western Japan began full operations on Monday, the first restart since the country shut down its atomic stations in the wake of last year’s crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. AFP

Japan Pro-Nuclear Official Wins Vote A Japanese governor who supports the restart of a nuclear plant in southern Kagoshima prefecture won a new term by a landslide on Sunday in a closely watched election following Japan’s resumption of operations at its first”and so far only” reactors after a two-month period without nuclear power. WSJ

Atomic Energy Commission held undocumented, closed-door meetings for more than a decade The Japan Atomic Energy Commission has held closed preparatory sessions for more than 10 years prior to its open meetings every week, sometimes deliberating important matters of nuclear energy policy without keeping minutes, former commissioners and government sources said Saturday. Kyodo

Areva Looks to China as France Rethinks Nuclear Power Areva SA (AREVA) Chief Executive Officer Luc Oursel is seeking fresh talks to sell nuclear reactors to China, halted in the wake of last year’s nuclear accident in Japan and amid questions about the new French government’s energy stance. Bloomberg

Opinion and Analysis

Nuclear industry ignored threat of tsunami on eve of 3/11 Asahi Shimbun

Securing Nuclear Materials: Remaining Challenges FAS

Iran Has No ‘Right’ To Enrich Uranium WSJ