Nobel Peace Centre’s Exhibition Coming to Vienna

Jorn MoenPhotographer Jorn Moen stands in front of an exhibition of his work at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo. His photos are part of an exhibition on the IAEA and its chief designed to “get people thinking” about nuclear issues, says Nobel Committee chair Ole Danbolt Mjs. Moen’s photographs capture the normally private Director General on the job and at home. It depicts his character well, says daughter Laila. They show a “sensitive man”, who deeply cares for his family and the state of the world, she says. The exhibition displays the many and varied facets of IAEA life in photographs, text and cartoons: from the anti-nuclear protests sometimes staged outside the Agency’s Vienna headquarters, to the work of its safeguards inspectors, its role in nuclear safety and promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. It is the Nobel Peace Centre’s first major exhibition on a laureate since the museum opened earlier in the year. The exhibition will also be shown in Stockholm and Vienna in 2006.