1996 Annual Report | 1996 Annual Report Annex

Co-ordinated Research Programs
(with year of start and completion)

Nuclear Power
Assessment and improvement of nuclear power plant performance
Management of ageing of the reactor pressure vessel primary nozzle 1996 1999
Management of ageing of motor operated valves 1992 1998
Assuring the structural integrity of reactor pressure vessels 1996 1999
Advanced reactor developments
Establishment of a thermophysical properties database for light and heavy water reactors 1990 1996
Thermohydraulic relationships for advanced water cooled reactors 1995 1998
Intercomparison of analysis methods for seismically isolated nuclear structuresm 1996 1999
Harmonization and validation of fast reactor thermomechanical and thermohydraulic codes and relations using experimental data 1996 1998
Validation of safety related physics calculations for low enriched gas cooled reactors 1990 1996
Validation of predictive methods for fuel and fission product behaviour in gas cooled reactors 1993 1996
Heat transport and afterheat removal for gas cooled reactors under accident conditions 1993 1997
Design and evaluation of heat utilization systems for the HTTR 1994 1999
Potential of thorium based fuel cycles to constrain plutonium and reduce long term waste toxicities 1995 1999
Nuclear fusion
Development of plasma heating and diagnostic systems in institutes in developing countries using small and middle scale devices 1992 1997
Engineering, industrial and environmental applications of plasma physics and fusion technologies 1996 1998
Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Raw materials for reactor fuels
Treatment of liquid effluents from mines and mills during and after operation 1996 2000
Reactor fuel technology and performance
On-line monitoring of water chemistry related to fuel behaviour and activity transport (WACOL) 1995 2000
Fuel modelling at extended burnup (FUMEX) 1993 1996
Modelling of the activity transport in the primary circuit of water cooled reactors 1996 2000
Corrosion of research reactor fuel cladding during storage 1995 1998
Stress corrosion cracking of zirconium alloys 1993 1998
Spent fuel management, technology and safety
Irradiation enhanced degradation of materials in spent fuel storage facilities 1993 1998
Behaviour of spent fuel assemblies and storage equipment under long term storage conditions BEFAST-III) 1993 1996
Safety, environmental and non-proliferation aspects of the partitioning and transmutation of actinides and fission products 1995 1999
Radioactive Waste Management
Application of tracer techniques in the study of the Black Sea 1993 1996
Modelling of the radiological impact of radioactive waste dumping in the Arctic seas 1993 1996
International Programme on Biosphere Modelling and Assessment Methods (BIOMASS) 1996 2000
Use of the thorium based fuel cycle in accelerator-driven systems to incinerate plutonium and reduce long term waste toxicities 1996 1999
Treatment technologies for low and intermediate level waste from nuclear applications 1991 1996
Performance of high level waste forms and packages under repository conditions 1991 1997
Waste treatment and immobilization technologies involving inorganic sorbents 1993 1996
Extrapolation of short term observations to time periods for isolation of long lived radioactive waste 1996 2000
New methods and techniques for optimization of decontamination for maintenance or decommissioning 1994 1998
Site characterization techniques used in environmental restoration 1995 1999
Comparative Assessment of Nuclear Power and Other Energy Sources
Case studies to assess and compare the potential role of nuclear power and other options in reducing emissions and residuals from electricity generation 1994 1996
Comparative health and environmental risks of nuclear and other energy systems, using case studies 1994 1997
Food and Agriculture
Soil fertility, irrigation and crop production
Management of Rhizobium for enhancing soil fertility and crop production 1993 1997
Use of nuclear techniques in the management of nitrogen fixing trees for enhancing soil fertility 1990 1997
Use of nuclear and related techniques for evaluating the agronomic effectiveness of phosphate fertilizers, in particular rock phosphates 1993 1998
Use of nuclear techniques for optimizing fertilizer application on irrigated wheat to increase the efficiency of use of nitrogen fertilizers and thus reduce environmental pollution 1994 1998
Use of irradiated sewage sludge for enhancing soil fertility and crop production, and reducing environmental pollution 1995 1999
Use of isotopes for developing management practices to reduce soil erosion and increase crop production 1996 2001
Use of nuclear techniques in studies on organic matter management and nutrient turnover in soils for increased and sustainable agricultural production 1996 2001
Plant breeding and genetics
Induced mutations in connection with biotechnology for crop improvement in Latin America 1993 1998
Induced mutations for sesame improvement 1993 1998
The application of DNA based marker mutations for improvement of cereals and other sexually reproduced crop species 1992 1997
Use of novel DNA fingerprinting techniques for the detection and characterization of genetic variation in vegetatively propagated crops 1992 1997
Induced mutations and other advanced technology for the production of crop mutants suitable for environmentally sustainable agriculture 1993 1998
In vitro techniques for the selection of radiation induced mutants adapted to adverse environmental conditions 1993 1998
Radioactively labelled DNA probes for crop improvement 1994 1999
Improvement of new and traditional industrial crops by induced mutations and related biotechnology 1994 1999
Cellular biology and biotechnology including mutation techniques for the creation of new useful banana genotypes 1994 1999
Animal production and health
Development of supplementation strategies for milk producing animals in tropical and subtropical environments 1993 1998
Improvement of ruminant livestock productivity in developing countries through the use of progesterone RIA to increase efficiency and quality of artificial insemination services 1995 2001
Development of feed supplementation strategies for improving the productivity of dairy cattle on smallholder farms in Africa 1994 1998
Development, standardization and validation of nuclear based technologies for measuring microbial protein supply in ruminant livestock for improving productivity 1996 2002
Improving the diagnosis and control of foot-and-mouth disease in South East Asia using ELISA based technologies 1994 1999
Use of ELISA for epidemiology and control of foot-and-mouth disease and bovine brucellosis in Latin America 1995 1997
Use of immunoassay methods for improved diagnosis of trypanosomosis and monitoring tsetse and trypanosomosis control programmes in Africa 1994 1999
Insect and pest control
Enhancement of the sterile insect technique through genetic transformation using nuclear techniques 1994 1999
Molecular and genetic approach to develop sexing strains for field application in fruit fly sterile insect technique programs 1994 1999
Genetics application to improve SIT for tsetse control/eradication including genetic sexing 1996 2000
Automation in tsetse fly mass rearing for use in sterile insect technique programs 1994 1999
Improved attractants for enhancing the efficiency of tsetse fly suppression operations and barrier systems used in tsetse control/eradication campaigns 1994 1999
Evaluation of population suppression by irradiated lepidoptera and their progeny 1992 1998
Development of female medfly attractant systems for trapping and sterility assessment 1993 1998
Medfly mating behaviour studies under field cage conditions 1993 1999
Agrochemicals and residues
Development of procedures to stabilize acaricides in livestock dips and of simplified methods to measure their concentration using nuclear techniques 1992 1996
Use of isotopic tracers in studies of herbicide performance in grasses and sedges 1992 1997
Radionuclide transfer from air, soil and fresh water to the food chain of man in tropical and subtropical environments 1993 1997
Use of nuclear and immunochemical methods for pesticide analysis 1993 1998
Agroecological effects resulting from the use of persistent pesticides in Central America 1993 1998
Distribution, fate and effects of pesticides on biota in the tropical marine environment using radiolabelled tracers 1993 1997
Impact of long term pesticide usage on soil properties using radiotracer techniques 1994 1999
Validation of thin layer chromatographic screening methods for pesticide residue analysis 1996 2001
Food preservation
Irradiation as a quarantine treatment of mites, nematodes and insects other than the fruit fly 1992 1997
Irradiation as a public health intervention measure to control foodborne diseases (cysticercosis/taeniasis and Vibrio infection) in Latin America and the Caribbean (under the co-sponsorship of PAHO) 1993 1998
Standardized methods to verify the absorbed dose of irradiated fresh and dried fruit and tree nuts in trade 1993 1998
Integration of irradiation in a system for reducing post-harvest food losses in Africa 1994 1999
Market development and trade in irradiated food in Asia 1994 1998
Development of shelf stable and convenience foods through irradiation processing 1996 2000
Human Health
Nuclear medicine
Research and certification of quality control and preventive maintenance of instruments in nuclear medicine centres (Asia and the Pacific) 1994 1998
Research and certification of quality control and preventive maintenance of instruments in nuclear medicine centres (Latin America) (ARCAL) 1994 1998
Validation of personal computer interface with gamma cameras and software for data processing of clinical studies 1995 1998
Development of an indigenous capability to conduct screening programmes for viral hepatitis in developing countries 1993 1996
Standardization of iodine-131 treatment for hyperthyroidism with an intent to optimize radiation dose and treatment response (RCA) 1995 1999
Qualitative nuclear cardiology 1992 1996
Comparative evaluation of the efficacy and toxicity of orally administered phosphorus-32 and intravenously administered strontium-89 in the palliation of painful skeletal metastases 1993 1997
Biological discrimination of hormone sensitive and insensitive breast cancer by radioimmunoassay 1994 1997
Diagnosis and follow up of prostatic cancer by radioimmunoassay 1996 1998
Efficacy and toxicity of samarium-153 radiopharmaceuticals in the treatment of painful skeletal metastases 1996 1999
Nuclear imaging for infection and inflammation 1996 1998
Nuclear techniques for diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections (African region) 1993 1996
Radionuclide based molecular techniques in diagnosis of blood borne diseases 1994 1997
Diagnosis of Chagas disease using nuclear techniques 1994 1997
Diagnosis of genetic disorders using radionuclide based molecular methods 1995 1998
Applied radiation biology and radiotherapy
Comparative assessment of mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of low level radiation and toxic chemicals released from energy cycles 1992 1996
Radiation responsiveness criteria for human tumours as determinant for therapeutic modality planning 1993 1998
Modern techniques in brachytherapy of cancer with special reference to developing countries 1993 1998
Clinical application of radiosensitizers in cancer radiotherapy 1994 1999
Randomized clinical trial of radiotherapy combined with mitomycin C in the treatment of advanced head and neck tumours 1994 1999
Application of heavy charged particles in cancer radiotherapy 1995 1998
Quality assurance in radiotherapy for Latin America 1995 1998
Use of radiotherapy in advanced cancer 1995 1998
Characterization and evaluation of high dose dosimetry techniques for quality assurance in radiation processing 1995 1999
Development of a quality assurance programme for Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratories 1995 1998
Development of a quality assurance programme for radiation therapy dosimetry in developing countries 1995 1998
Code of practice for radiation measurements with plane parallel ionization chambers 1996 1999
Nutritional and health related environmental studies
Applied research on air pollution using nuclear related analytical techniques 1992 1997
Development and selection of analytical techniques and procedures for measuring accidentally released radionuclides in the environment 19921996
Application of stable isotope tracer methods to studies of amino acid, protein, and energy metabolism in malnourished populations of developing countries 1993 1998
Comparative international studies of osteoporosis using isotope techniques 1994 1998
Development and application of isotopic techniques in studies of vitamin A nutrition19951999
Applied research on air pollution using nuclear related analytical techniques in the Asia and Pacific region (RCA) 19951999
Ingestion and organ content of trace elements of importance in radiological protection (RCA)19951999
Isotopic evaluations of maternal and child nutrition to help prevent stunting19961999
Assessment of levels and health effects of airborne particulate matter in mining, metal refining and metal working industries using nuclear and related analytical techniques19961999
Distribution, fate and effects of pesticides on biota in the tropical marine environment using radiolabelled tracers 19941998
Industry and Earth Sciences
Industrial applications
Nuclear methods in the monitoring of wear and corrosion in industry19931996
Stability and stabilization of polymers under irradiation19941996
Use of radiation processing to prepare biomaterial for applications in medicine19951997
Nuclear techniques for advanced ceramics and semiconductors19931996
Nuclear techniques for the evaluation of healing pathways of pollutant damage in the environment19931996
Irradiation treatment of water, wastewater and sludge19951998
Modification of materials by ion treatment for industrial applications19951998
Development of water resources
Application of tracer techniques in the study of the Black Sea19921996
Isotope techniques in lake dynamics investigations19941997
Isotope aided studies of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, phase 219951998
Isotope techniques in water resources investigations in arid and semi-arid regions19941997
Use of isotopes for analyses of flow and transport dynamics in groundwater systems19951999
Application of isotope techniques to study soil erosion and sedimentation19951998
Isotope techniques in groundwater pollution studies19941997
Isotope based assessment of groundwater renewal and related anthropogenic effects in water scarce regions 19951998
Isotope techniques in studying the dynamics of slow moving groundwater for the hydrogeological appraisal of radioactive waste disposal sites 19951998
Physical and Chemical Sciences
Nuclear and atomic data for applications
Compilation and evaluation of fission product yield nuclear data19911996
Plasma interaction induced erosion of fusion reactor materials19911996
Improvement of measurements, theoretical computations and evaluations of neutron induced helium production cross-sections 19921996
Establishment of an international reference data library of nuclear activation cross-sections19931998
Collection and evaluation of reference data on thermomechanical properties of fusion reactor plasma facing materials 19941996
Development of a reference input parameter library for nuclear model calculations of nuclear data19941997
Measurement, calculation and evaluation of photon production data19941998
Radiative cooling rates of fusion plasma impurities19941997
Tritium retention in fusion reactor plasma facing components19951998
Atomic and plasma wall interaction data for fusion reactor plasma modelling19951998
Development of a reference charged particle cross-section database for medical radioisotope production 19951998
Compilation and evaluation of photonuclear data for applications19961999
Nuclear instrumentation
Specialized software utilities for gamma ray spectrometry19961998
Bulk hydrogen analysis using neutrons19971999
Computer based troubleshooting tools19961998
Utilization of research reactors and particle accelerators
Analysis of research reactor transients19951998
Application of nuclear techniques for environment preservation in resource extraction and processing 19941996
Labelling, quality control and clinical evaluation of monoclonal antibodies for scintigraphy 19941996
Optimization of the production and quality control of radiotherapeutic radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals 19931996
Development of agents for imaging central neural system receptors based on technetium-99m19961999
Technetium-99m labelled peptides for imaging of peripheral receptors19961999
Nuclear analytical techniques in atmospheric and surface water pollution studies (ARCAL)19951998
Radiation Safety
Occupational radiation protection
Intercomparison of in vivo counting systems using a reference Asian phantom19951997
Reference Asian man project Phase II: Ingestion and organ content of trace elements of importance in radiation protection 19951997
Limitations of radioepidemiological assessments for stochastic radiation effects in relation to radiation protection 19941997
Radiation protection in diagnostic radiology in Asia and the Far East19941997
Radiation protection in diagnostic radiology in eastern European countries19931997
Radiation protection of the public and the environment
Radionuclide transfer to humans in tropical and subtropical environments19941997
Accident severity at sea during the transport of radioactive material19941997
Development of relevant accident data for quantifying risks associated with the transport of radioactive material19941997
Regional personal dosimetry intercomparison19961998
Intercomparison for individual monitoring of external exposure from photon radiation19962000
Safe transport of radioactive material
Accident severity at sea during the transport of radioactive material19941997
Assessment of the safety of uranium hexafluoride (UF6) transport packages in fires19921996
Development of relevant accident data for quantifying risks associated with the transport of radioactive materials 19941997
Safety of Nuclear Installations
Engineering safety issues of nuclear power plants
Benchmark study for seismic analysis and testing of WWER type nuclear power plants19931996
Management of ageing of the concrete containment building19921995
Management of ageing of in-containment instrumentation and control cables19921995
Seismic data for the siting and site revalidation of nuclear facilities19891996
Operational safety of nuclear power plants
Development of methodologies for optimization of surveillance testing and maintenance of safety related equipment at nuclear power plants 19961999
Research reactor safety
Application of non-destructive testing and in-service inspection to research reactors19951998
Nuclear safety assessment practices
Validation of accident and safety analysis methodology19951998
Collection and classification of human reliability data for use in probabilistic safety assessments 19941997