1996 Annual Report | 1996 Annual Report Annex

Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) missions in 1996

Type Country Location/nuclear power plant Plant type
O Slovakia Bohunice 3 and 4 WWER 440 MW
O China Guangdong PWR 980 MW
O France Dampierre PWR 940 MW
FU France Flamanville PWR 1380 MW
FU Switzerland Leibstadt BWR 1050 MW
S Bulgaria Kozloduy WWER 440 MW
S Ukraine South Ukraine WWER 1000 MW
S Slovakia Bohunice1 and 2 WWER 440 MW
T Pakistan Chashma PWR 300 MW
T Ukraine Kiev
T Mexico Laguna Verde BWR 675 MW
Type FU: OSART follow-up mission; Type O: OSART mission; Type S: safety review mission; Type T: technical exchange mission.