Security of Material

Extrabudgetary programme resources utilized: $478 824

This is a new programme which was established in 1995 with the aim of ensuring the security of nuclear material and other radioactive sources. With support from Member States, the Secretariat established an illicit trafficking database designed to provide a reliable source of information to States and the public on all incidents where illegal movement of such materials has been reported. At the end of 1995, 163 incidents were contained in the database.

In May, the Agency held a meeting of representatives from 16 countries to consider the provision to the Agency of information from governments on illicit trafficking and Agency reports to governments. States were invited to indicate their interest in participating in a programme on information sharing and, by the end of 1995, 25 had responded positively.

In June, the Agency convened a Technical Committee meeting in Vienna to consider actions to be taken to combat the illicit movement of materials. The meeting included representatives from 20 Member States plus EUROPOL and the World Customs Organization. Recommendations were made to the Agency related to information sharing, co-ordination of activities, detection of materials at borders, utilization of the Agency's illicit trafficking database and notification of incidents.

Another meeting, in Vienna in September, of international organizations (the United Nations, INTERPOL, World Customs Organization, EURATOM, EUROPOL, IMO and ICAO) examined the cross-border movement of radioactive materials, including nuclear materials. In 1995, the Agency convened three meetings to address various aspects of guidance needed by States in strengthening their programmes concerned with the illicit movement of radioactive sources.

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