Box 1

Strengthening the Safeguards system

In 1995 the Board of Governors accepted the Director General's plan to implement at any early date under existing legal authority measures aimed at strengthening the present system. These measures include:

Broader access to information
- through the provision by States of: an expanded declaration on the State or regional system of accounting and control of nuclear material (SSAC); information on present nuclear activities; and information on planned nuclear activities;
- through the taking of environmental samples; and
- through the improved analysis of information.

Greater physical access
- through greater use of unannounced routine inspections.

Optimization of the present system
- through the introduction of new safeguards measurement and surveillance systems; and
- though increased co-operation with States and SSACs.

In December 1995, the Board of Governors held an initial review of the Secretariat's discussion paper on measures which would require additional legal authority to implement. The discussion paper represents another step in the consultative process designed to foster consensus on the required strengthening measures.