Matters Relating to the Board of Governors and the General Conference

Excerpt from the IAEA Annual Report for 1994

It was another productive and busy year for the Agency's Policy-making Organs --the Board of Governors and the General Conference. In addition to the scheduled meetings of the Board, three additional meetings were held, exclusively devoted to the implementation of Agency safeguards in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Decisions and resolutions adopted by the Agency's Policy-making Organs were followed up in the Secretariat. However, some matters not explicitly dealt with elsewhere are mentioned here.

The following States became Members of the Agency by depositing an instrument of ratification of the Agency's Statute: Kazakhstan, the Marshall Islands, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Uzbekistan and Yemen. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea withdrew from membership of the Agency on 13 June 1994.

In February, the Board adopted measures relating to arrangements for the preparation of agendas of the Board. No changes were made to the Rules of Procedure. However, changes were made to the scheduling of Board sessions and the distribution of agenda items between the different sessions so that individual sessions would be able to focus on particular issues. In addition, deadlines were set for the issue, in all working languages, of the provisional agendas and documents requiring Board action. It was further decided that the Secretariat will submit to the Board before the end of each session a list of items expected to be brought before the Board at its next session. At the same meeting, the Board streamlined the manner in which the Technical Assistance and Co-operation Committee and the Administrative and Budgetary Committee report to it.

Discussions were also held both in the Board and in the General Conference on a review of Article VI of the Statute as a whole relating to the possible expansion of the Board, on long term arrangements for the financing of safeguards and on the financing of technical assistance through more predictable and assured resources. Working groups were set up to deal with each of these issues and their reports were submitted through the Board to the General Conference at its thirty-eighth regular session in September. At the request of the General Conference, the Board re-established the informal working groups on the financing of safeguards and on the financing of technical assistance, and also established an open-ended consultative group on Article VI of the Statute with a view to submission by the Board of recommendations on proposed amendments to Article Vl for approval by the General Conference in 1995.