Our Changing Earth

Fuel for Thought

A multilateral approach to the nuclear fuel cycle has the potential to facilitate the continued and expected increased use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Nuclear Power Global Status

In the 30 countries with nuclear power generation capacity, the percentage of electricity from nuclear reactors ranges from 78% in France to just 2% in China.

From Our Archives: Nuclear Waste

1983: eight experts outlined the views and policies of their countries in the field of radioactive nuclear waste management at a 'scientific afternoon'.


IAEA Bulletin Vol. 49-2


Focus Environment

In a world facing severe environmental challenges, nuclear technology can help make the most of natural resources while preserving the environment. An interdepartmental group has been set up to coordinate the multi-faceted efforts of the IAEA in this area. ... Read More


Time for Action

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, is one of the world's leading authorities on climate change. Speaking with IAEA Bulletin staff Giovanni Verlini and Ritu Kenn, he said that the world needs to act now to avert catastrophic consequences for the earth's climate. ... Read More


The World after 2012

The Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA) has drawn a possible roadmap to face the issue of climate change. ... Read More


Daring to Zig

Contrarian views on Climate Change. ... Read More


A Fuel Cycle for the 21st Century

At a time of nuclear revival, the need for ensuring best practices throughout the entire fuel cycle is greater than ever. ... Read More


Cleaning up from the Past

The IAEA is assisting Central Asian States in the remediation of former Soviet uranium mining sites, also making sure that no new legacy is created. ... Read More


Global Schoolhouse on Rua 6

Goi´┐Żnia's lessons shape actions on radiation safety and security decades later. ... Read More


Threats & Risks in Trafficking

The illicit trafficking of nuclear material is a menace that needs to be stopped. An IAEA project is facilitating the understanding of the problem, as well as helping identifying potential solutions. ... Read More


On the Nuclear Train leaving Prague

IAEA helps move hazardous high-enriched uranium from the Czech Republic safely back to Russia. ... Read More


Nuclear Power Global Status

A look at nuclear power generation around the world and its future prospects. ... Read More


Europe's Strategic Vision

In the quest to reduce CO2 emissions, improve efficiency and achieve energy independence, European institutions give the green light to nuclear power. ... Read More


Burying the Nuclear Sword

The world's regime against the spread of nuclear weapons faces serious obstacles. A stronger IAEA could help States overcome them. ... Read More


Fuel for Thought

A multilateral approach to the nuclear fuel cycle would help cope with the expected expansion of nuclear power use and strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime. ... Read More


Generation Next

Amid calls for a 'renaissance' in nuclear power, much work needs to be done to cultivate nuclear's future workers. ... Read More


Meltdown or Mishap

The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) helps communicate the relative severity of a nuclear plant accident. Experts are revising the scale to expand its scope. ... Read More