High Hopes

High Hopes

In the aftermath of the IAEA's Nobel Peace Prize, hopes run high. The prestigious prize strengthened the IAEA's hand as a trusted international authority in the public eye – and raised expectations for carrying the public trust. This edition features some of that recharged spirit and highlights projects where it fed high hopes that spawned visible results.

Special Coverage:
Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection

The IAEA Bulletin takes a closer look at one of the Agency´s most ambitious projects — a strategic effort to upgrade national infrastructures for radiation protection.

Chernobyl´s Living Legacy


Fred Mettler, a leading medical authority, revisits Chernobyl’s health picture from personal and professional perspectives.

In The Dark

Lily Poberezhska

Ukrainian teacher and mother, Lily Poberezhska, recalls the moments, days and years following the Chernobyl accident.

Tell it Like It Is: 7 Lessons from TMI


Crisis communicator Peter Sandman looks back on the USA´s 1979 Three Mile Island accident.

Special Coverage:

The IAEA´s Nobel Peace Prize


It was "glitz and glam," solemnity and celebration, voices of peace and messages of hope - this special section takes you behind and in front of the scenes at the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize festivities in Oslo, Norway.

Between Two Devils

Burton Richter

Nobel Laureate Burton Richter weighs in on the promise and problems of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Safety:Impressive and Worrisome Trends

Chairman of the International Nuclear Safety Group, Richard Meserve, takes a look at the safety record of nuclear power and sees no room for complacency.

Reducing the Risk from Radioactive Sources

Radioactive Sources

The IAEA’s Carolyn MacKenzie explains how one initiative is supporting national communication efforts for the management of radioactive sealed sources.