A Closer Walk

Lothar Wedekind, Editor-in-Chief

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50 years ago, in one of his last acts, the eminent scientist Albert Einstein headed a list of Nobel laureates who signed a manifesto in July 1955 on the dangers of nuclear proliferation and the arms race. "Remember your humanity," they said, "and forget the rest."

That same month, in Washington, Moscow, and other capitals, politicians and scientists were working together for the creation of the International Atomic Energy Agency. US President Eisenhower´s idea for an international "atoms for peace" agency was gaining momentum. By July 1955, the draft of the IAEA´s Statute was on the road to approval.

This year, in 2005, the world celebrates Einstein´s legacy as it marks the international year of physics. Along the way some light is cast on the IAEA’s important roles for the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin features some of the valued contributions to human development that are being made through IAEA supported technical and scientific projects. The focus is on health care, child nutrition, food, and water, set in the context of the world´s wider efforts to eradicate poverty and achieve goals for development and security.

At the UN this September, a summit of world leaders seeks stronger commitments from rich and poor countries alike, alongside institutional reforms. With a big enough push, many people think the world’s goals for human security and development can be reached over the next decade. However far we come by 2015, the journey means a closer walk together.

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