Passing the Torch:
ANENT - The Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

by Fatimah Mohd Amin

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ANENT will strive to work in synergy with IAEA activities and programmes. By focusing on education, ANENT complements existing IAEA activities and would support IAEA initiatives for the preservation of nuclear knowledge. ANENT is a comprehensive initiative in education and training in that it will give equal importance to energy and non-energy technologies, thus meeting the diverse needs in the Asian region. ANENT aspires to become an important contributor towards national efforts in the development of a skilled and qualified workforce that is critical for the sustainable development of the nuclear industry.

International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management

Strategies, Information Management and Human Resource Development
7-10 September, Saclay, France

Like any highly technical endeavor, the use of nuclear technology relies heavily on the accumulation of knowledge. This includes technical information in the form of scientific research, engineering analysis, design documentation, operational data, maintenance records, regulatory reviews and other documents and data. It also includes knowledge embodied in people - for example, scientists, engineers, technicians.

In recent years, a number of trends have drawn attention to the need for better management of nuclear knowledge. Depending on region and country, they include an ageing workforce, declining student enrollment figures, the risk of losing nuclear knowledge accumulated in the past, the need for capacity building and transfer of knowledge, and recognition of achieving added value through knowledge sharing and networking.

In response to this growing concern, the IAEA along with the Commissariat de lŽEnergie Atomique (CEA), Government of France will be organizing a conference to address the issue of Nuclear Knowledge Management.

The objective is to reach a clear and common understanding of issues related to nuclear knowledge management for sustaining knowledge and expertise in nuclear science and technology.

The conference will provide a forum for professionals and decision makers in the nuclear sector, comprising industry, governments and academia as well as professionals in the knowledge management and information technology sectors. Aims are:

  • to exchange information and share experience on nuclear knowledge management, comprising strategies, information management and human resource development;
  • to identify lessons learned and to embark on the development of new initiatives and concepts for nuclear knowledge management in IAEA Member States;
  • to discuss the present status and future developments of the Agency's International Nuclear Information System (INIS).

For more information, visit the IAEA web site: www-pub.iaea. org/MTCD/Meetings/Announcements.asp?ConfID=123 For more information on the IAEA's knowledge management initiative, visit

Fatimah Mohd Amin serves as the spokeswoman for ANENT and works at the Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT). For more information on ANENT and a full list of participating institutions, please contact the author. E-mail: [email protected]

Peter Gowin, IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Unit, and Scientific Secretary of the first ANENT Coordination meeting and K.W. Han, Republic of Korea, contributed to this paper.

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