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Energising the Future:
The Power of Innovation

Nuclear energy reached a milestone in June, marking 50 years of producing electricity. Yet its future prospects are mixed, at a time when the world´s energy needs, population, and concerns over environmental issues are on the rise.

Nuclear Power: An Evolving Scenario


evolving scenario

Europe will have to make some tough decisions in the months and years ahead on where the place their energy dollars. Several significant changes in global patterns of energy supply and demand are emerging, and the million-dollar question is how will Europe´s energy policy develop? IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei examines Europe´s evolving scenario. Read more »

China´s Challenging Fast Track


Challenges in China

China´s economy is bulldozing ahead. That´s the good news. The bad news is that in order to keep pace with projections, China will have to develop clean and affordable fuel to sustain that growth. The task is daunting and the energy needs of 1.3 billion people weigh in the balance. Is energy-hungry China bracing for another cold winter? Read more »

Power for People


Challenges in China

It´ll take 10 trillion over the next 30 years if crippling blackouts and power shortages like those experienced in eastern North America and parts of Europe this summer are to be prevented around the globe, says a new study by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Read more »

Double or Quits : The Global Future of Civil Nuclear Energy


Challenges in China

Nothing is static in the field of nuclear energy. Oil prices rise, electricity falls short of demand and day-to-day operations are haunted with fears of terrorist attacks. Yet, while all these changes can take place in the span of a few days to a few months, energy decisions taken today have a long-term impact for decades to come. Read more »

Nuclear Snapshots


Challenges in China

It seems that the colder their winters get, the more attractive the nuclear option looks to most Americans. A recent Bisconti poll which periodically takes the US´s temperature on such issues, found that 65% of Americans favor the use of nuclear energy - a record high. But the news isn´t all rosy for the nuclear industry. Read more »

A Continuing Quest


Continuing Quest

In these early years of the new millennium one issue continues to remains front and center -long-term management of spent fuel. How we approach this challenging issue will say a lot about our values and priorities as a society - how we want to live. It will set a benchmark for how we as a society will discharge our responsibility to manage the many wastes from the technologies we use to support our quality of life. Read more »