40 Years of the IAEA
The IAEA Turns Forty

Picture of UNO City in Vienna On Tuesday, 29 July 1997, the IAEA officially turned forty. This special anniversary edition of the IAEA Bulletin focuses on a rich and challenging slice of the Agency's life, mainly the years since the mid-1980s. A number of events - including those that today are simply known as the cases of Chernobyl and Iraq - greatly tested the collective skills of world governments and their use of global institutions and resources. So, too, did far-reaching social, economic, environmental, and political developments of the past decade, many tied to the dramatic close of the Cold War period, which brought new and difficult issues to the global agenda. This edition, and the supplement inside of key dates and historical developments, describe how the IAEA's role as the world's centre of nuclear cooperation has evolved in this changing and demanding international picture, and how the Agency and its Member States have responded to the major challenges before them. The essays and articles draw upon the collective contributions and assistance of many Agency staff members, past and present, hundreds of whom were contributing Bulletin authors over the past twelve years. Any errors in reporting are the editor's own. - Lothar Wedekind, Chief Editor.