Summary of benefits of using Prussian Blue compounds

Benefit Comment

Individual dose reduction Overall reduction of about 60% (probably more than 80% in areas where the uptake factor from soil to grass is particularly high)
Collective dose Perhaps a few hundred man Sv; relatively small because of the extremely low TPLs being used in the CIS. Nevertheless it is cost effective.
Additional milk production An additional 50 million litres of milk per annum would meet TPLs without the need for distribution of "clean" feed and milk.
Clean feed needed for milk production The time needed for "clean feeding" could be reduced by 40-50 days, resulting in a reduction by a factor of 5 of the area of "clean" pasture needed.
Social/psychological Some 50,000 farmers could return to traditional farming practices with a corresponding increase in their sense of well-being and improvement in their quality of life. Many farmers destined for translocation would no longer have to move house.
Compensation The number of individuals receiving compensation for exceeding an annual criterion could be reduced by approximately 50%.