Guideline levels for radionuclides in foods following accidental nuclear contamination for use in international trade

Dose per unit
intake factor

Foods destined for general consumption
10-6 Americium-241, Plutonium-239 10
10-7 Strontium-90 100
10-8 Iodine-131, Caesium-134, Caesium-137 1000
Milk and infant foods
10-5 Americium-241, Plutonium-239 1
10-7 Iodine-131, Strontium-90 100
10-8 Caesium-134, Caesium-137 1000

Notes: These levels are designed to be applied only to radionuclides contaminating food moving in international trade following an accident and not to naturally occurring radionuclides which have always been present in the diet. The Codex Alimentarius Guideline Levels remain applicable for one year following a nuclear accident. By an accident is meant a situation where the uncontrolled release of radionuclides to the environment results in the contamination of food offered in international trade.