The Road Ahead

Volume 37, Number 3

Front Cover

The United Nations officially commemorates its 50th anniversary in October, with the international community taking stock of both its accomplishments and shortcomings as the world's instrument for peace and sustainable development. The road ahead is full of challenge and opportunity. For the IAEA -- which works closely with the UN and its family of organizations in the nuclear sphere -- the future is unfolding along a compelling new course. Problems and needs have emerged which demand greater vigilance and cooperation among States -- particularly concerning issues of nuclear non-proliferation, arms control, and safety. As they build toward the next 50 years, the IAEA and its UN partners will need renewed support to effectively help countries take steps on the road ahead for achieving a better, safer world.

(Cover design: Ms. Hannelore Wilczek, IAEA; Stefan Brodek, Vienna; Photo: Zefa, Vienna; Bryan F. Peterson)



The IAEA, United Nations, and the new global nuclear agenda
by Hans Blix / 2

The IAEA and the UN family: Networks of nuclear cooperation
by Sheel Kant Sharma / 10

International law and nuclear energy: Overview of the legal framework
by Mohamed ElBaradei, Edwin Nwogugu and John Rames / 16

Radiation safety services: From the laboratory to the field
by Robert Ouvrard and Fernando Lopez-Lizana / 26

Bulletin Update

Inside Technical Cooperation: Practical projects for development / Insert

Special Report

Measure for measure: The NPT and the road ahead
by Bernhanykun Andemicael, Merle Opelz and Jan Priest / 30

Topical Reports

INIS at 25: Pioneer of the nuclear information highway
by Joyce Amenta and Alexander Sorokin / 39

The IAEA on line: Closer links for the global nuclear community
by Jerry Barton and Lothar Wedekind / 44


International Newsbriefs/Datafile / 48
Keep abreast with IAEA publications / 54
Posts announced by the IAEA / 55
Databases on line / 56
IAEA conferences and seminars/Coordinated research programmes / 60