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A Silent Crisis: Cancer Treatment in Developing Countries
( pdf file 611 KB)

"A silent crisis in cancer treatment persists in developing countries and is intensifying every year. At least 50 to 60 per cent of cancer victims can benefit from radiotherapy that destroys cancerous tumours, but most developing countries do not have enough radiotherapy machines or sufficient numbers of specialised doctors and other health professionals."
- Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, IAEA Director General
A Silent Crisis: Cancer Treatmentin Developing Countries
Improving Nutrition Through Nuclear Science
Tools of nuclear science are helping to improve nutrition for men, women, and children, notably in developing countries. This brochure highlights the progress.
Improving Nutrition Through Nuclear Science
Building a Sustainable Future
"Science and technology are playing key roles to help countries make strides towards the goals of sustainable development. Maintaining progress to overcome the major challenges of eradicating poverty, fighting disease, and protecting our environment depends upon sustained and cooperative action among committed partners." - Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, IAEA Director General
Building a Sustainable Future
Advancing the Agenda ( pdf file 1.3 MB)
IAEA Technical Co-operation in Support of the Earth Summit's Agenda 21. Inside Supplement of the IAEA Bulletin (Vol. 43, No.3, 2001). It summarizes Agenda 21, a comprehensive plan of action taken globally, nationally and locally in every area in which humans impact the environment.
Advancing the Agenda
Radioactive Waste Management - Turning Options Into Solutions ( pdf file 2 MB)
This report summarizes the presentations and discussions held during the Scientific Forum (19-20 September 2000) at the 44th Regular Session of the General Conference.
Radioactive Waste Management
Climate Change and Nuclear Power ( pdf file 5 MB)
This booklet summarizes nuclear power's current status, including the issues of cost, safety, waste management and nuclear non-proliferation and its potential for contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions called for in the Climate Change Convention.
Climate Change
Combating Infection in Developing Countries ( pdf file 3.3 MB)
This brochure highlights the role of the IAEA in disseminating nuclear techniques to combat infection and infectious disease, such as malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis and Chagas disease.
Combating Infection
IAEA Flyer ( pdf file 1.3 MB)
The flyer briefly describes how the International Atomic Energy Agency assists its Member States in the use of nuclear technology, and the role it plays in promoting radiological and nuclear safety and verifying that nuclear technology is used only for peaceful purposes.
IAEA Flyer
The IAEA's Laboratories: Seibersdorf and Vienna ( pdf file 5.4 MB)
This book portrays how the IAEA Laboratories, an analytical research and training centre, contribute to the implementation of the Agency's programmes in food and agriculture, human health, physical and chemical sciences, water resources, industry, environment, radiation protection and safeguards verification.
Sustainable Development: A Role for Nuclear Power?
( pdf file 25 MB)

This report summarizes the presentations and discussions held during the Scientific Forum (28-29 September 1999) at the 43rd Regular Session of the General Conference.
Sustainable Development
IAEA Technical Co-operation: Building Development Partnerships
This book describes the benefits that cooperation among international organizations and agencies can bring to worldwide efforts to improve quality of life through technology exchange. Particularly, this book focuses on cooperation between the IAEA and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
Development Partnerships
Sustainable Development and Nuclear Power
This brochure discusses the concerns that limit the acceptance of nuclear power - the perceived health effects, consequences of severe accidents, disposal of high level waste and nuclear proliferation. It outlines the distinct advantages of nuclear power and make extensive comparisons with other energy sources.
Sustainable Development
The IAEA Safeguards System: Ready for the 21st Century
This book attempts to provide clear, simple answers to some of the most fundamental questions about controlling the further spread of nuclear weapons and the pivotal role being performed by the IAEA.
Safeguards System


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