James G. Speth
Administrator, UNDP
United Nations
Development Group

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As Administrator of UNDP, I have always placed co-ordination of the United Nations System's operational activities at the centre of UNDP's mandate. Pulling together the United Nations family's wealth of expertise lies right at the heart of United Nation reform. The examples of successful projects outlined in this brochure provide showcases of how well the United Nation System's operational activities can work. They illustrate how the co-ordination role and field level leadership of the UNDP, especially as founder and manager of the resident coordinator system, can be successfully combined with the expertise of a technically oriented United Nations System agency.

Access to food, energy and clean water for a growing population are all essential in the fight against poverty. Nuclear techniques based on isotopes and radiation can provide important tools and techniques in addressing such basic human needs. Seen against this background, we welcome the Agency's decision to focus its technical co-operation programme towards the application of existing capabilities in pursuit of development solutions.

UNDP will continue to build its partnership with the IAEA with the aim of helping developing countries achieve the related goals of eradicating poverty and combatting environmental degradation.

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Foreword: James G. Speth
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