I A E A T E C H N I C A L C O - O P E R A T I O N

Nuclear Science Serving People

    IAEA's Technical Co-operation Strategy

  1. Building Food Security

    Winning a Battle; Waging a War: Challenging the Tsetse Fly in Africa
    Partner in Development: Elizabeth Opiyo, Research Entomologist

    Small Farms; Big Gains: Zimbabwe Advances the Natural Way
    Biofertilizers for Bangladeshi Farmers

    Improving Barley in Peru's Highlands
    Mutant Rice Grains Ground in China and Myanmar

  2. Managing Water Resources

    Mapping Ethiopia's Water Lifeline
    Growing Lake; Growing Problem: The Mystery at Beseka

    Seeking Egypt's Other Waters

    Increasing Water Security in Caracas
    Partner in Development: Jane Gerardo-Abaya, Geologist

  3. Promoting a Sustainable Environment

    Volcanos Fuel El Salvador's Growth

    Curbing Coal Emissions in Poland
    Restoring Contaminated Lands
    Planning an Energy Future: Agenda 21 and the DECADES Programme

  4. Enhancing the Quality of Health Care

    Fulfilling a Promise: Ghana's New Cancer Treatment Centre

    Human Tissue Banking: Sri Lanka sets its Sights High

    Upgrading Radiotherapy Equipment in Bogota

  5. Ensuring Nuclear Safety

    Old Parts; New Purposes: Nuclear Safety in Hungary

    Slovakia Strengthens Safety Regulators

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