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Managing Water Resources
Food Security for the Poor
Health Problems of the Poor
Environmental Management
Strengthening Nuclear Safety
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  Mobilizing Science and Technology to adress the Problems of the Poor
      by: Jeffrey Sachs, Director, The Earth Institute at Columbia University


  IAEA’s Technical Co-operation (TC) Programme
      Partnering in the Global Development Agenda vii

Managing Water resources in an Era of Scarcity

  Guarding the Guarani: Improving Management of South America’s Precious
  Poisoned Waters: Bangladesh Reaches to Science for a Solution
  Great Lakes Beneath Their Feet: Probing North Africa’s Oldest Water Treasures

Promoting Food Security for the poor

  Challenging Tsetse on its Home Turf: Campaign Moves to Africa’s Heartlands
  Learning from Ztouti’s Farm: Nuclear Technology Helps Crops Grow in Morocco’s
      Salty Soils
  Viet nam Advances Toward Food Security Using Nuclear Techniques

Focusing Science on the Health Problems of the Poor

  Rolling Back Malaria: New Tools for Fighting a Leading Killer
  Saving a Mother´s Life: Radiotherapy Offers Hope to Women with Cancer
  Measuring the Benefits of Fortification: Thailand’s Battle Against “Hidden Hunger”
  Making Thai Food Safe and Marketable Worldwide

New Tools For Environmental Management

  Getting to the Bottom of Algal Blooms: Nuclear Methods Target Toxins
  Helping to Save the Black Sea

Strengthening Nuclear Safety and Security

  Combating Illicit Trafficking
  Promoting the Safety and Security of Research Reactors
  Working to Secure Radioactive Sources

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