Reducing Risks in the Scrap Metal Industry

In the event suspicious material is found

Call for help

Should suspicious materials be found, immediately contact emergency personnel or the responsible regulatory authority. Protect those in the vicinity from being exposed to radiation. There are three important things to remember to reduce risk from radiation — time, distance, and shielding.

Limit time near a source of radiation

Limiting the time spent near any radioactive material, will reduce the amount of radiation exposure.

Keep well away from radioactive materials

The intensity of radiation and its effects drop off sharply with distance from the source, so always maximize your distance.

Shielding reduces radiation exposure

Shielding materials, like cement blocks, lead, steel, and other metals, will block the radiation produced by radioactive materials. Properly trained personnel use shielding to reduce the amount of radiation to which they are exposed.

Contact your regulatory authority for more information.

In Conclusion

The most effective means to prevent accidents with sealed radioactive sources is to adopt work habits that reduce the likelihood of a source becoming lost in the first place. However, if they should become lost, those working in the scrap metal industry must be able to detect a source in order to prevent it from being used as scrap and contaminating other metal.


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