Cooperation with International Organizations

The IAEA works with many other international organizations to implement its programme on water resources:

The IAEA-WMO Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation

Interpretation of the isotopic composition in terrestrial water requires knowledge about the meteoric water that feeds them: rain and snow. Their isotopic composition is quite variable in time and space, and depends on climate, geography, nuclear fallout and other factors.

The need for comprehensive global information was recognized many years ago, when the IAEA, in cooperation with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), launched the World Survey of Isotopes in Precipitation Network in 1961. The Survey, now called the Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation (GNIP) has grown increasingly important in studies of the environment and climate change. (Click here for figures 11 - 13).

The results of this survey, as well as statistical analyses, are published regularly in the Technical Report Series of the IAEA. The information is also available on diskettes and InterNet.