Sustainable Development & Nuclear Power
Table of Contents Table of Contents
o Introduction
o The Energy Challenge
o Nuclear Power Facts
o Nuclear Power Advantages

o Conclusion
o The Salient Points
o Annex I:  The DECADES Project
o Annex II:  Nuclear Power Case Studies


Although there is an awareness on both the technical and political levels of the advantages of nuclear power, it is not a globally favoured option in a sustainable energy future. A sizeable sector of public opinion remains hesitant or opposed to its increased use, some even to a continuation at present levels. With various groups calling for a role for nuclear power, there is a need openly and objectively to discuss the concerns that limit its acceptance: the perceived health effects, the consequences of severe accidents, the disposal of high level waste and nuclear proliferation. This brochure discusses these concerns, and also the distinct advantages of nuclear power. Extensive comparisons with other energy sources are made.