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It should be emphasised that the study's conclusions regarding the absence of direct effects on the population examined during the study agreed completely with those reached by a group of WHO experts. Moreover, as regards longer-term effects, the study complemented a thorough assessment already carried out by UNSCEAR.


The study provided considerable reassurance for the exposed populations that radiation from the accident had not been a widespread cause of mortality and morbidity, as many had feared.


The scientific competence and professionalism of the experts from a number of countries who had participated in the Project was deeply gratifying. The Project had shown that the world community was capable of carrying out far-reaching research requiring experience and knowledge in a wide range of areas.

Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic

The project is the first step in extensive future work, particularly the appraisal, prognosis and preservation of the health of the population.


The high-calibre scientific studies will greatly assist, not only those directly affected by the accident, but the entire international community.


The project had been a success . .. carried out carefully and scientifically, and the conclusions were reliable, that should put a stop to rumours and unrealistic assertions.


The public should be informed of the results, in order that the negative effects of the accident and its consequences for the utilization of nuclear energy in many countries might be diminished.


As to follow-up, the project should, as far as possible, be extended to cover those who had been evacuated and the ''liquidators''.


Germany has full confidence in the professional quality of the work done.


The scientific information generated by the project should be published soon in the form of an easy-to-read brochure, so as to inform the public and decision-makers all over the world correctly and thereby help in clearing the doubts raised by adverse publicity.


The conclusions and recommendations were of value to regulatory authorities, medical institutes and other organisations concerned with food controls and safety assessments.


The conclusions and recommendations constitute an important body of knowledge that would be useful to both the Agency and Governments in drawing up future safety measures.


The fact that the opinions of conference participants differed greatly was not to be deplored: only through the clash of opposing views could the truth be found.


The United States considers the project to be an important contribution to the study of the Chernobyl accident.