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Connecting the Network of Networks for Enhanced Communication and Training (CONNECT)

Benefits for Users

  • Opportunity for users to discuss current technical challenges and potential solutions with peers through forums for ad hoc requests for information, solutions to problems, troubleshooting and operational feedback.

  • It has groups developed for the purpose of enhanced knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Enables collaborative development of guidance, procedures and training material.

  • Greater visibility and access to key domain experts in order to address short and long term technical and business issues. Finding an expert, from anywhere in the world, is fast and easy.

  • Possibility of professional career development, education, training and mentoring programmes.

  • Cost-free access to training materials and courses in the various fields of Nuclear Energy.

  • Common workspaces that allow participants to work collaboratively in projects and documents.

  • Powerful search engine with access throughout the whole platform.

  • Easy access to materials presented at the IAEA Workshops, Training Courses, Group Scientific Visits and more.

  • Access to shared experiences and lessons learned, as well as best practices. Providing also mechanism and process for the capture and sharing of lessons from operational experience.

  • Support to development and use of methods techniques and technologies.

  • Mechanism for long term knowledge retention and transfer.

  • Novel technologies developed by commercial companies can be brought to market more rapidly, increasing efficiency across the board.

In summary, CONNECT will provide these and other benefits to users and Member State institutions, all at no cost. But, active participation is needed to make the platform a viable, vibrant, and effective solution.

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