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buttonThe 27th IAEA CEG Plenary Meeting.
9 October 2013, Murmansk, Russia.

buttonCEG workshop on international programmes for disused radioactive sources management in Russia and countries of former Soviet Union
11-12 April 2013, IAEA, Vienna.

buttonThe 26th IAEA CEG Plenary Meeting 
18-19 October, Paris

buttonCEG Workshop on Implementation of International Nuclear Legacy Programmes in Russia 
26-27 April 2012, Helsinki, Finland

buttonThe 25th IAEA CEG Plenary Meeting 
6 October 2011, Aronsborg, Stockholm, Sweden

buttonIAEA CEG Workshop: Economics of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management – Reprocessing and Direct Disposal 
7 October 2011, Aronsborg, Stockholm, Sweden

button CEG Workshop on Predisposal of Legacy Radioactive Waste: Treatment, Conditioning and Storage 
17-19 May 2011, Heringsdorf, Island of Usedom, Germany

button CEG Workshop on the Investigation of Nuclear Submarines and Objects with Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Wastes Sunken in the Arctic Seas and Strategies for Radio Ecological Rehabilitation of the Arctic Region. 
16-17 February 2011, Oslo, Norway

button24th CEG Plenary Meeting
29 Sept - 1 Oct 2010, Ottawa, Canada

button Final Elimination of the Nuclear Legacy in the Far East of Russia
26-28 May 2010, Vladivostok

button CEG Workshop on Removal of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) and Radioactive Waste (RW) from Andreeva Bay, and Strategies for Handling Sunken Objects Containing SNF in the Arctic Ocean)
24-26 February 2010, Hague, Netherlands

button23rd CEG Plenary Meeting
7-9 October 2009, Rome, Italy

button CEG Workshop on Management of SNF and RW: Regulatory and Licensing Issues (including a special session on the Mayak Plant)
27-28 May 2009, St. Petersburg, Russia

button CEG Workshop on Disposal of Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel – Experience and Plans
24-26 February 2009, Sweden

button22nd CEG meeting
24-26 September 2008, Paris, France

buttonCEG workshop on Problems of RTG Dismantlement in the Russian Federation
23-25 April 2008, Moscow, Russian Federation

buttonCEG workshop on System for Radioactive Waste Management in the North-West Region of Russia
5-7 March 2008, Oxford, United Kingdom

button21st CEG meeting
5-7 September 2007, Bruges, Belgium

buttonCEG workshop on Nuclear Legacy Problems in the Far East Russia
23-25 May 2007, Vladivostok, Russia

buttonNDEP-NOC/CEG workshop on Results of Strategic Master Plan, Phase 2
12 April 2007, UK

button20th CEG meeting
11-13 October 2006, Munich, Germany

button CEG workshop on Strategic Aspects of Radioactive Waste Management and Remediation of Contaminated Sites
26-27 April 2006 in Balsta, Stockholm, Sweden

buttonCEG workshop on Isolation and Disposal of Radioactive Waste
28-30 June 2006, Olkiluoto, Finland

button19th CEG meeting
4-6 October 2005, Ottawa - Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

buttonCEG workshop "Security and Safety of Radioactive Sources: Decommissioning and Replacement of Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators"
16-18 February 2005, Oslo, Norway

buttonCEG workshop "Dismantlement of Nuclear Service Ships and Surface Vessels with Nuclear Power Installations"
24-26 May 2005, Murmansk, Russian Federation

button18th CEG meeting
13-15 October 2004, Moscow, Russian Federation

buttonCEG workshop on Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment as Applied to the Dismantling of Nuclear Submarines and the Remediation of Sites
17-19 March 2004, Oxford, UK

button CEG workshop on Methods and Techniques for Radioactive Waste Management Applicable for Remediation of Isolated Nuclear Sites
26-28 May 2004, Petten, Netherlands

button17th CEG meeting
18-20 November 2003, Murmansk, Russian Federation

button CEG workshop on Remediation of Gremikha Site
29-31 October 2003 Cadarache, France

button16th CEG meeting
23-25 April 2003, the Hague, Netherlands

button CEG workshop on Problems of Multi-Purpose Nuclear Submarine Dismantling in the North-West Region of Russia
26-27 March 2003,Severodvinsk, Russian Federation

button15th CEG meeting
22-24 October 2002, Brussels, Belgium

button14th CEG meeting
9-11 April 2002, Vienna, Austria

button CEG workshop on Andreeva Bay Remediation
20-21 March 2002, Moscow, Russian Federation

button13th CEG meeting
6-8 November 2001, Oskarshamn, Sweden

button CEG workshop on SNF and RW Management at Andreeva Bay
23-25 October 2001, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

button12th CEG meeting
14-16 May 2001, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

button11th CEG meeting
25-27 October 2000, Cherbourg, France

button10th CEG meeting
23-25 May 2000, Helsinki, Finland

button 9th CEG meeting
8-10 November 1999, Berlin, Germany

button 8th CEG meeting
10-12 May 1999, Fredrikstad, Norway

button 7th CEG meeting
17-19 November 1998, Murmansk, Russia

button 6th CEG meeting
27-29 April 1998, Augusta (GA), USA

button 5th CEG meeting
11-13 November 1997, Windermere, UK

button 4th CEG meeting
9-11 June 1997, St. Petersburg, Russia

button 3rd CEG meeting
22-23 January 1997, Brussels, Belgium

button 2nd CEG meeting
10-11 September 1996, Vienna, Austria

button 1st CEG meeting 
13-15 March 1996, Moscow, Russia

 * Concluding documents from 1 till 13th CEG meetings were titled "Chairman's Summing Up", but starting from the 14th CEG meeting similar document is called "Minutes". This document is prepared by the CEG Executive Secretary after the meeting and approved by the CEG Chairman before its distribution and publication.
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