Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Advanced Nuclear Fuels and Fuel Cycles

Coated Particle Fuel Technologies

Objective: To improve the capacity of Member States to develop innovative fuel cycle technologies for developing intrinsically safe advanced nuclear reactor with innovative nuclear fuel cycle.

Area: Development of coated particle fuel technologies.

Contact Point: Uddharan BASAK

In recent years, interest and activities in gas cooled reactor technology has increased in several Member States. In addition there are several developmental works focusing on burning weapon-grade plutonium including civil plutonium and other transuranic elements using “Deep-burn concept” or “Inert Matrix Fuels” especially in the form of coated particle in gas-cooled reactor systems. There are also considerable global interests in developing “Nuclear Hydrogen” energy systems using high temperature gas cooled reactors. Apart from these developments, the value of preserving the large technology base developed in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as information developed in other countries, has also been a subject of interest for the Agency. Recognizing of the numerous activities being pursued in many Member States, the Agency has convened a Technical Meeting on “Current Status and Future prospects of Gas-cooled reactor fuels” from 7th to 9th Jun 2004 at Vienna. The subject meeting was attended by 33 experts from 17 Member States, 1 expert from international organization (EC/ITU) and 3 internal experts.

Activity:Development of manuals/handbooks and best practices documents for use in training and education of the new generation of scientists and engineers in coated particle fuel technology

To enhance the capacity of the interested Member States in developing innovative nuclear fuel cycle technologies for sustainability, the Agency is developing of handbook on ‘coated particle fuel and materials’ for use in training and education of the new generation of scientists and engineers. A draft outline of the document is as follows: Introduction; Energy and Electricity; Nuclear Hydrogen Generation; Nuclear Fuel;. Structural Materials; Fuel Structural Materials; Particle Fuel Manufacturing and QA/QC Activities; Sphere Making; Fuel; Block Making; Fuel Chemistry; Fuel Failure Mechanisms; Fission Product Retention; Accident Testing; Particle Modelling; Quality; Spent Fuel Management; and The Way Forward. In addition, all pertinent exercises would be placed at the end of the document. The document would be published by the end of 2008.

The Agency cooperated with EC / RAPHAEL (ReActor for Process heat, Hydrogen And ELectricity generation) in conducting a educational and training workshop on fuel cycle aspects of coated particle fuel from 4-7 Dec 2007 at NRG, Patten.

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