Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance and Technology (TWGFPT)


Responsible Officer: V. Inozemtsev


The Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance and Technology (TWGFPT) was set up in 1976 and now consists of experts from 25 Member States and two international organizations that produce nuclear fuel, operate power reactors that use water as a moderator and coolant and/or carry out or co-ordinate related studies. A number of states not members of the TWG also directly participate in its work. It focuses on the design and performance of nuclear fuel, fuel assemblies and associated core components, e.g. control rods, and processes and phenomena e.g. activity transport and coolant chemistry.

The TWGFPT exists for the mutual benefit of its members and Member States to assist the IAEA in better co-ordination and promotion of international co-operation in the area of nuclear fuel performance and technology. TWGFPT provides the only vehicle for advice and support from official representatives of Member States that is sustained and consistent throughout the time periods involved in planning and executing the Agency's programmes. The members of the TWGFPT are accountable for the advice they give since, upon return to their respective countries, they take action to ensure that the proposed activities are supported by resources in their countries, and they assist in facilitating the conduct of the activities.

In the period from 2001—2011 the TWGFPT assisted in convening 18 specialist or technical meetings, 7 symposia and seminars, 9 co-ordinated research projects and several specialist studies.

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