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Mikhail Chudakov joined the IAEA as Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy on 1 February 2015.


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Until his appointment at the Agency, he has been serving as the Director of the Moscow Centre of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) since February 2007.

Mr. Chudakov graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) in 1983. He then joined the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), where he took part in construction and commissioning work. Between 1983 and 1993, he worked in a variety of roles including Reactor Operator, Senior Reactor Operator, Senior Reactor Engineer, Control Room Supervisor, Plant Stage Shift Supervisor and Station Shift Supervisor. From 1993 to 1995, he served as WANO Moscow Centre adviser and WANO adviser in London.

In 1995, he was assigned a managerial position in Russia’s Rosenergoatom nuclear utility and held a number of positions, including Deputy Director of the International Department, Deputy Director of the Production & Engineering Department, First Deputy Director of the Department for FOREM (Federal Wholesale Market for Electricity and Power) implementation. In April 1999, he was appointed Deputy Director General of Rosenergoatom and Director of Bilibino NPP.

Mr. Chudakov holds a Ph.D. degree in nuclear engineering.

Visits to Member States and other Events


13–15 April Kenya: 3rd Conference on Energy & Nuclear Power in Africa.Opening Statement


19-20 February Turkey: Presentation of the INIR Mission Report; meetings with high-level officials from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Electricity Generation Company EUAS, Akkuyu Project Company APC; and delivering lecture at Hacettepe University.Web story | Photos

2013 (show/hide)

11 November USA: American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting
2 July Czech Republic: Visit to Temelin Nuclear Power Plant
27−29 June Russian Federation: International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century, St Petersburg
Conference website | Photos
12−14 June Ukraine: TM on Lessons Learned from the Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return Programme; visit to the National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry, Sevastopol
8−11 June Armenia: Meetings with high-level government officials at the Ministry of Energy and National Resources and the State Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee; visit to the Metzamor Nuclear Power Plant | Photo
13−15 May France: Meetings with officials from CEA and nuclear industry representatives; visits to ANDRA Meuse/Haute-Marne Underground Research Laboratory and Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant
8−12 April Argentina: Meetings with high-level officials of the Government and the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), Buenos Aires; visit to the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant and the Bariloche Atomic Centre
18−20 March USA: Nuclear Energy Management School, Texas A&M University; visits to the South Texas Project Emergency Operations Facility and Wharton County Junior College Center for Energy Development
10−13 March Pakistan: Discussions with high-level officials of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority; visits to the Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH), Islamabad, the Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC-3), Taxila, and the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Kundian
29 Jan−1 Feb United Kingdom: Meeting on Near Term Small Modular Reactors (SMR) in the UK, Round Table of Nuclear Industry Association, discussions with officials of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the Office for Nuclear Regulation, London; visit to the Dungerness A Nuclear Power Station.
9 January Austria: visit to the Research Reactor of Vienna’s Atom Institute

2012 (show/hide)

2012 December - Russia
2012 November - Hungary
2012 November - Romania

2012 November - Slovenia
2012 October - Belarus
2012 Sept/Oct - Canada
2012 August – Rep. of Korea
2012 June - Japan
2012 August – Vietnam
2012 June - Slovakia
2012 May and March - USA
2012 March - Canada

2012 February - Bangladesh
2012 February - India

Statements and Presentations


Technical Meeting on Topical Issues in the Development of Nuclear Power Infrastructure
3–6 February | Opening Statement | IAEA, Vienna

2014 (show/hide)

Interview with Alexander Bychkov: IAEA Holds Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes Video
30 April | Video | IAEA, Vienna

Joint Japan-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School
9 June | Video message | Tokyo and Tokaimura, Japan

Short course on Earthquake Engineering for Nuclear Facilities University Institute for Advanced Studies (IUSS) of Pavia
12–23 May | Video message | Pavia, Italy

Technical Meeting on "Becoming a Knowledgeable Customer within the Framework of a Nuclear Power Programme"
7–11 April | Video message | Obninsk and Novovoronezh, Russian Federation

"New Materials for the Innovative Development of Nuclear Power"
24 March | Video message | Dimitrovgrad, Russian Federation
Click for original Russian text

Fukui International Meeting on Human Resources Development for Nuclear Energy in Asia
19-20 March | Video message | Fukui, Japan

"Plant Life Management for Long Term Operation Worldwide"
19 March | Presentation | Paris, France

2013 (show/hide)

“Promoting a Sustainable Energy Future: IAEA Support for National Nuclear Programmes” Presentation at the IAEA Side Event during the International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century (27−29 June 2013)
28 June 2013 | Presentation | Text Version | St Petersburg, Russian Federation

“A New Action Agenda – High Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All” – High Level Panel II, Vienna Energy Forum, organized by UNIDO, IIASA and the Austrian Foreign Ministry (28−30 May 2013)
28 May 2013 | Statement slides | Vienna, Austria

20th Meeting of the INPRO Steering Committee (22-24 May 2013)
22 May 2013 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

“Overview of IAEA Activities on Nuclear Power and Fuel Cycle” and “Current activities in Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles” – Scientific Lectures presented at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
4 April 2013 | Budapest, Hungary

“The IAEA Programme on Nuclear Power, Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Science” – Presentation at the IAEA School of Nuclear Energy Management (18 March – 5 April 2013)
18 March 2013 | Presentation | Texas A&M University, USA

7th GIF-INPRO Interface Meeting
28 February 2013 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

TM on Topical Issues of Infrastructure Development: Nuclear Power Project Development in Emerging Nuclear Power States
11 February 2013 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

International Experts’ Meeting on Decommissioning and Remediation after A Nuclear Accident
28 January 2013 | Opening Address | Vienna, Austria

2012 (show/hide)

"World Nuclear Energy Prospects, Nuclear 'Newcomers' and Nuclear Safety Action Plan" - Presentation at the European Nuclear Conference - ENC 2012 (9-12 December 2012)
9 December 2012 | Presentation | Manchester, UK

TM on Strategies for the Expansion of Nuclear Power Programmes: Topical Issues on the Development of Strategic Partnerships
16 October 2012 | Video Opening Address/Text Version | Beijing, China

36th Consultative Meeting of INIS Liaison Officers
4 October 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

“High Level Waste and Spent Fuel Management from a Global Perspective” - Presentation at the International Conference on Geological Repositories: ICGR 2012 (30 September–3 October 2012)
1 October 2012 | Presentation / Abstract | Toronto, Canada

5th INPRO Dialogue Forum: Long-term Prospects
for Nuclear Energy in the Post-Fukushima Era
27 August 2012 | Opening Address | Seoul, Republic of Korea

"Status and Prospects of Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles"
Lecture at the 4th INPRO Dialogue Forum (31 July–3Aug 2012)
31 July 2012 | Presentation | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

19th Meeting of the INPRO Steering Committee
11 July 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Meeting of the TWG on Managing HR in the Field of Nuclear Energy
19 June 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Meetings of the TWG-LWR & TWG-HWR
18 June 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

International Workshop on Prevention and Mitigation
of Severe Accidents in Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors (SFR)
11 June 2012 | Opening Address / Presentation | Tsuruga, Japan

3rd International Conference on NPP Life Management
14 May 2012 | Presentation | Salt Lake City, USAa

International Experts Meeting:
Reactor and Spent Fuel Safety in the Light of the
Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)
19 March 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Annual Meeting of the TWG on Research Reactors
14 March 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

6th GIF/ INPRO Interface Meeting
6 March 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

WNA India International Nuclear Symposium
Nuclear Power Prospects after the Fukushima Accident
21 February 2012 | Presentation | New Delhi, India

Meeting with Government Officials,
Bangladesh Ministry of Science and Technology
19 February 2012 | Statement | Dhaka, Bangladesh

TM/WS on Topical Issues on Infrastructure Development:
Managing the Development of a National Infrastructure for NPPs
24 January 2012 | Opening Address | IAEA, Vienna, Austria

GCC Regional School of Nuclear Energy Management
8 January 2012 | Opening Address | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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