Nuclear Power

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  • Participants in the Technical Meeting at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, 14 April 2014. (Photo:IAEA)

    Recent trends in fast neutron systems modelling and simulation

    2014-04-22 | The IAEA is supporting Member States in improving the design and safety features of innovative nuclear systems. A recent IAEA Technical Meeting discussed priorities in modelling and simulation of fast neutron systems. Read More »

  • Participants from 10 Member States are discussing aspects of becoming a knowledgeable customer. <br>(Photo: ROSATOM CICE&T)

    Becoming a Knowledgeable Customer in a Nuclear Power Programme

    2014-04-08 | How future owners/operators of nuclear power plants can become 'knowledgeable customers' is the focus of an IAEA Technical Meeting, which opened at the ROSATOM Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training (CICE&T) in Obninsk, Russian Federation, yesterday. Read More »

  • Announcing the 8th INPRO Dialogue Forum

    2014-04-02 | The role of economics, resource availability and institutional arrangements in sustainable nuclear energy systems will be the focus of the 8th INPRO Dialogue Forum, to be held on 26-29 August 2014 at the IAEA in Vienna. The deadline for nominations is 25 May 2014. Read More »

  • New E-learning Module Released on Nuclear Power Management Systems

    2014-04-01 | The IAEA has released the eighth module of the interactive e-learning series explaining the IAEA's Milestones Approach to introducing a nuclear power programme. The "Management Systems" module explains how to develop and implement the structure, resources and processes of a nuclear industry organisation into one coherent system to ensure effective and safe management of a nuclear power programme. Read More »

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2014-02-12 Infrastructure, NENP
  • Nuclear Newcomers

    Date: 2014-02-12 | Today, 30 countries use nuclear power and about the same number are considering to use it to meet their growing energy demands. Almost three years after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, two countries are already constructing their first nuclear power plants, and several are preparing for construction start. IAEA Nuclear Engineer Marta Ferrari explains how the IAEA supports these countries. View Video →

2014-02-11 Infrastructure, NENP
  • Nuclear Power - United Arab Emirates

    Date: 2014-02-11 | At today's growth rate the United Arab Emirates expects demand for electricity to double by 2020. To meet these demands, the government concluded that nuclear power was the best way forward. View Video →

2014-02-10 Infrastructure, NENP, Engineering
  • Nuclear Power Expansion

    Date: 2014-02-10 | Thirty countries around the world use nuclear power and operate around 440 reactors. Twenty-three of these countries are planning to expand their nuclear power output, with 13 already constructing new units. IAEA nuclear power expert Brian Molloy explains what's driving this expansion. View Video →

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Meetings 2014
  • 28-30 Apr
    Technical Meeting on the Construction and Commissioning of Fast Reactors Read more»
  • 28-30 Apr
    Research Coordination Meeting on the Design and Performance Assessment of Non-Electric Engineered Safety Features in Advanced Small and Medium Sized Reactors
  • 12-16 May
    Technical Meeting on Operating Fundamentals of Pressurized Water Small and Medium Sized Reactors
  • 12-16 May
    International Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes: Building and Sustaining Capacity Read more»
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