Nuclear Power Technology Development

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  • Meeting Announcement: Construction and Commissioning of Fast Reactors

    2014-02-27 | The main engineering, technological, economic, safety and licensing aspects of fast reactor construction and commissioning will be discussed at an IAEA Technical Meeting, to be held in Kalpakkam, India, on 28-30 April 2014. Nominations and abstracts of papers are due by 15 March 2014. Read More »

  • BN-600 MOX Core Benchmark Analysis

    2014-01-24 | The final report of a CRP, which focused on neutronic and safety analyses of a MOX-fuelled industrial size sodium-cooled fast reactor, has been published as IAEA TECDOC 1700. The report documents the results of benchmark exercises aimed at evaluating core safety parameters and their effect on potential accidental scenario. Read More »

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2013-06-25 NENP, Technology
  • Innovative Design

    Date: 2013-06-25 | For nuclear energy to play a substantial role in a sustainable global energy supply, both technical and institutional innovations are needed. Thomas KOSHY, from the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy, tells us about IAEA activities to promote innovation that will lead to more efficient, more affordable and more sustainable advanced reactor technologies. View Video →

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Meetings 2014
  • 28-30 Apr
    Technical Meeting on the Construction and Commissioning of Fast Reactors Read more»
  • 28-30 Apr
    Research Coordination Meeting on the Design and Performance Assessment of Non-Electric Engineered Safety Features in Advanced Small and Medium Sized Reactors
  • 12-16 May
    Technical Meeting on Operating Fundamentals of Pressurized Water Small and Medium Sized Reactors
  • 19-22 May
    Technical Meeting on Effective Utilization of Nuclear Power Plant Simulators as Introductory Educational Tools Read more»
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