25-27 Mar 2014

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Consultancy Meeting on Development of a Catalogue on Experimental Infrastructures in Support of Liquid Metal Fast Neutron Systems

The IAEA recognizes the importance of international collaboration in the area of experimental infrastructures for fast neutron systems and promotes the harmonization of these efforts. Identifying existing experimental infrastructures and new experimental facilities is considered a priority.

A Technical Meeting, held in June 2013, proposed to prepare a Catalogue of existing and planned experimental infrastructures in support of the technology development of liquid metal-cooled fast neutron systems. Potential users of this Catalogue will be governmental and private sector organizations reponsible for developing and/or deploying such systems. The Catalogue will also serve as a supporting tool for regional and international networking.

The main purpose of this Consultancy Meeting is to discuss and establish a work plan for developing a new IAEA Technical Document, provisionally entitled "Catalogue on Experimental Infrastructures in Support of Liquid Metal-cooled Fast Neutron Systems".

For additional information regarding the Consultancy Meeting, please refer to the Terms of Reference below.

Working Documents

IAEA Scientific Secretary

Stefano Monti, Team Leader for Fast Reactor Technology Development
Nuclear Power Technology Development Section
Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy

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