Infrastructure Support for Member States
Interested in Nuclear Power

About Infrastructure

By its nature a nuclear power program involves issues associated with nuclear material, ionizing radiation and the related challenges. This is a major undertaking requiring careful planning, preparation and investment in a sustainable infrastructure that provides legal, regulatory, technological, human and industrial support to ensure that the nuclear material is used exclusively for peaceful purpose and in a safe and secure manner.

Member States that are considering the introduction of nuclear power face the challenge of building the necessary national nuclear infrastructure for the first Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). The IAEA response to this demand is provided through increased technical assistance, missions, workshops, and with new and updated technical publications.

  • Technical cooperation (TC) projects remain the primary means of delivering assistance. Each project can generate multiple missions, meetings and documents. The TC mechanism also provides planning and management tools and specific equipment including simulators for training that aim at assisting in the building of the country's nuclear power infrastructure.

  • Integrated missions consisting of experts from different IAEA Departments ensure a holistic approach to national infrastructure development. Their objectives are to identify the needs and gaps, explain the IAEA guidance publications and available services, and discuss future actions.

  • Workshops provide platforms for discussion of the main issues related to the preparation required to introduce nuclear power and enable the IAEA and supplier countries to develop a comprehensive understanding of the concerns and needs of Member States.

  • New and updated publications provide guidance and practical examples for developing infrastructure for introducing nuclear power technologies. They also help to undertake generic and country-specific assessments to address infrastructure status and needs for Member States that are interested in introducing nuclear power.