Nuclear Power Engineering

Nuclear Energy Human Resources Development

One of the first guides published within the IAEA Nuclear Energy Series - "Managing Human Resources in the Field of Nuclear Energy" NG-G-2.1 (2009) The role of adequate human resources for achieving the objectives in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy cannot be overestimated. The nuclear field, comprising government authorities; industry; various regulators; research, development, technical support and training organizations; educational institutions; vendors; construction and commissioning organizations; and international and professional organizations; relies heavily on the competent, specialized, highly trained and motivated managers and personnel for its safety and sustainability.

The IAEA Nuclear Power Engineering Section, in cooperation with other Agency units, conducts a wide range of activities to support Member States in acquiring competent staff for various organizations and for various phases of nuclear facility cycle including construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning. Special attention is paid to the support for the countries embarking on nuclear power and building their first nuclear power plant, or expanding their nuclear power programmes.

New Guidance on Nuclear Facility Training

Ukraine ZNPP - Maintenance Training Training is one of important measures to achieve and maintain the required competence of various categories of nuclear facility personnel, including nuclear power plants, and one of important activities in the framework of overall Management System to improve organizational and human performance of a nuclear facility. It is vitally important to have proven and effective training methodology based on actual experience. IAEA TRS No 380 "Nuclear Power Plant Personnel and its Evaluation: A Guidebook" was published in 1996. Since then the nuclear industry has accumulated valuable experience in the field of personnel training. The IAEA is updating TRS 380 incorporating recent experiences and recommendations, in particular, expanding the scope to include other nuclear facilities in addition to NPPs. A new Nuclear Energy Series report entitled "Nuclear Facility Personnel Training" is being prepared and will be ready for publication in 2014.

Support to New Nuclear Power Programmes

We conduct national and regional workshops and review missions on Stakeholder Involvement, providing guidance on how to communicate effectively with stakeholders in order to enhance public confidence and to involve both internal and external stakeholders. Stakeholder Involvement Throughout the Life Cycle of Nuclear Facilities (IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-T-1.4) proposes a route to effective stakeholder involvement through all phases, i.e. construction, operation, radioactive waste management and decommissioning) and the use of up-to-date methods to implement stakeholder involvement programmes.

Stakeholder Involvement Guidance development

We assist countries embarking on nuclear power in capacity building and implementation of integrated management of human resources through a wide range of activities including technical cooperation projects, technical meetings, workshops, seminars for senior managers and decision-makers, review missions, scientific visits and fellowships. Assistance in the development of as strategy for human resource development, establishment of educational and training systems and workforce planning is provided to many countries. Workforce Planning for New Nuclear Power Programmes (IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-T-3.10) provides information on the use of integrated workforce planning as a tool to effectively develop human resources for all organizations that have a stake in a nuclear power programme.

Performance Improvement

Monitoring and continual improvement of performance is one of important objectives of effective managing human resources. Adequate use of Human Performance Improvement (HPI) techniques is one of the key prerequisites for ensuring safety and efficiency of nuclear facilities. Event-free performance in the nuclear industry requires an integrated view of human performance; how well managers, supervisors and facility staff function, the alignment of organizational processes and values in achieving facility operational and safety goals, and the behaviour of individuals. In order to provide support to line managers in managing their human resources to sustain and improve performance, we conduct regional training courses, national workshops, and prepare for publication a report "Improving Human Performance in Nuclear Facilities".


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