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18 December 2014

Bringing Cancer Care Closer to Home: Mauritania Opens First Nuclear Medicine Centre

Nouakchott, Mauritania — The opening of Mauritania’s first ever nuclear medicine centre with IAEA support last month will lead to improved access to modern diagnostics and treatment, as well as lower costs.

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15 December 2014

Climate Change Forum Discusses Nuclear Power

A mix of solar and wind energy, carbon capture storage technology and nuclear power could provide a viable solution to countries seeking to decrease their carbon footprint by lowering the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of their energy sector. This was the message from the IAEA at this year’s annual United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference — COP20 — held last week in Lima, Peru.

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Flag of Belgium
11 December 2014

IAEA Reviews Nuclear Security in Belgium

An IAEA team concluded that the physical protection system in Belgium is robust, with a program of continuous improvement in place at both the operator and government level.

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IAEA Isotope Browser app for iOS, iPhone, iPad
11 December 2014

Nuclear Data on the Go: The IAEA Nuclear Data App Now Available on iOS

Scientists and professionals working in nuclear-related areas can now quickly reference the properties of more than 4000 nuclides and isomers using their iPhones and iPads.

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Board of Governors
11 December 2014

IAEA Board Endorses Extension of Agency’s Work Under Iran Joint Plan of Action

The IAEA Board of Governors on Thursday endorsed a request for the Agency to extend its monitoring and verification activities in Iran under a Joint Plan of Action agreed between Iran and six other countries.

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Advocating For Strong "Cradle To Grave" Control Of Radioactive Sources
10 December 2014

Advocating For Strong 'Cradle To Grave' Control of Radioactive Sources

Taking a holistic approach to the management of radioactive sources from "cradle to grave" enhances safety and security, and enables countries to overcome limitations to obtain radioactive sources for use in health care, agriculture and industry, agreed participants at a workshop at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna last week.

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Al-Thawra General Hospital
9 December 2014

The Next Frontier in Worker Radiation Protection

Protecting medical workers and those exposed to naturally occurring radiation, such as air crew and miners, is the next frontier in occupational radiation protection, participants of a conference on the subject in Vienna learned last week.

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Rice Terraces
4 December 2014

Nuclear Techniques Help Address Land Degradation

Nuclear techniques can help protect soil from degradation, which affects 1.9 billion hectares of land, a whopping 65 per cent of global soil resources.

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collecting groundwater samples
1 December 2014

IAEA-led Project Solves Mystery of How Helium Enters the Atmosphere

How helium - the light noble gas that sends balloons floating in the air - enters the atmosphere has wracked the brains of scientists for generations. Now the mystery has been solved, as an unexpected side benefit of research done by a group of scientists in an IAEA-led project to study groundwater in South America.

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Medical Workers
28 November 2014

Risks and Challenges of Radiation Exposure at Work

Millions of workers are routinely exposed to ionizing radiation on the job. The need to more adequately protect these workers and to reiterate the need for the doses they receive to be as low as reasonably achievable, is the main thrust behind the International Conference on Occupational Radiation Protection: Enhancing the Protection of Workers—Gaps, Challenges and Developments.

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