IAEA Director General Details Priorities in 2011

Yukiya Amano

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano hosted a New Year´s Reception for Ambassadors from IAEA Member States, 13 January 2011.

13 January 2011 | At his New Year´s reception for delegations from IAEA Member States, IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano provided an overview of his priorities during the coming year.

In reviewing a few of the highlights of the Agency´s work in 2010, Director General Amano noted progress in raising awareness at a high political level of the problems of cancer in developing countries, as well as the strengthened cooperation with the World Health Organization and the record level of donations provided to the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy.

He also detailed notable progress in the refurbishment of the Agency´s laboratory infrastructure, the implementation of 103 Additional Protocols to existing safeguards agreements, increasing support for developing countries considering introducing nuclear power, new capacities in ensuring the supply of nuclear fuel to Member States, and a milestone in nuclear security, the repatriation of radioactive nuclear fuel elements from the Vinca Institute in Serbia to the Russian Federation.

Looking ahead to the New Year, Director General Amano discussed the main nuclear verification issues on the Agency´s agenda, and the importance of the forthcoming 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

Within weeks, the Agency will also launch the Agency-wide Information System for Programme Support (AIPS) to support the introduction of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards, innovations that will significantly increase efficiency and transparency.

As Member States make increasing use of nuclear techniques for water resource assessment and management, agricultural water use, and protecting the aquatic environment, Director General Amano announced he would prioritize nuclear techniques for water, by marking the 50th anniversary of the laboratories in Monaco on March 27 and as the theme of the 2011 Scientific Forum.

In conclusion, he introduced the newly arrived Deputy Directors General.

The full text of Director General Amano´s address is available here.

-- By Peter Kaiser, IAEA Division of Public Information

Yukiya Amano, IAEA Director General