• Iran announces its removal of IAEA seals on safeguarded equipment and material related to
    uranium enrichment at Natanz; the IAEA Board holds a special meeting.
  • African leaders declare support for the IAEA-backed cancer control campaign.
  • Japan and the United Nations commit US $1.76 million to a joint IAEA/FAO project targeting
    the tsetse fly in Ethiopia.
  • Argentina cites the IAEA/FAO’s joint work helping the country achieve its goal of expanded
    export markets for fruit declared free of the costly Medfly.
  • The Chernobyl Forum reports on what’s known about the accident 20 years later.
  • The IAEA supports an operation to safely ship radioactive neutron sources from three African
    countries to the United States.
  • A report outlines possible ways forward to guarantee countries´ supplies of nuclear fuel,
    while minimizing proliferation risks.
  • Nuclear power’s role in the future energy mix is a focus in Asia.Monaco´s Prince Albert and
    IAEA Director General ElBaradei join to open a special exhibit on nuclear technologies for
    the environment
    . IAEA Director General ElBaradei says he deeply regrets, and expresses
    serious concern, about the reported nuclear test by North Korea.
  • Ban Ki-moon of the Republic of Korea becomes the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations.