IAEA General Conference

50th IAEA General Conference (2006) Resolutions and Other Decisions

Resolutions and Other Decisions of the General Conference

Resolutions Adopted by the General Conference

Application by the Republic of Malawi
Application by the Republic of Mozambique
Application by the Republic of Palau
Application by the Republic of Montenegro
The Agency's Accounts for 2005
Regular budget appropriations for 2007
Technical Cooperation Fund Allocation for 2007
The Working Capital Fund in 2007
Scale of Assessment of Members' contributions towards the Regular Budget
Measures to strengthen international coopertion in nuclear, radiation and transport safety and waste management
Nuclear Security - Measures to protect against nuclear terrorism - Progress on measures to protect against nuclear and radiological terrorism
Strengthening of the Agency's technical cooperation activities
Strengthening the Agency's activities related to nuclear science, technology and applications
Strengthening the Effectiveness and Improving the Efficiency of the Safeguards System and Application of the Model Additional Protocol
Implementation of the NPT safeguards agreement between the Agency and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Application of IAEA Safeguards in the Middle East
Examination of Delegates' Credentials

Decisions of the General Conference

Amendment to Article XIV.A of the Statute
Amendment to Article VI of the Statute